DOJ lawsuit against Ferguson police a ‘ploy’: Activist

DOJ lawsuit against Ferguson police a ‘ploy’: Activist

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The forthcoming US Department of Justice lawsuit against the Ferguson Police Department is a disingenuous “ploy” to calm racial tensions in the United States, a journalist and activist in Wisconsin says.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is set to bring a lawsuit against the Ferguson Police Department over allegations of racially discriminatory practices, CNN reported on Wednesday.

The DOJ would file suit if Ferguson police did not agree to review and change those tactics, CNN said, citing US Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Does the DOJ really care about racial inequality in Ferguson? In my opinion no, it’s just a ploy to maybe calm things down, maybe get some control over the situation again,” said Koerri Washington, host of The Average Liberator online news program.

“I really don’t think they’re going to present a lawsuit to the Ferguson Police Department,” Washington said Thursday during a phone interview with Press TV.

The report comes seven months after white police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. A grand jury decided to not indict Wilson in the case.

Brown’s death on August 9 as well as the grand jury ruling sparked months of protest in Ferguson and further fueled racial tensions between the majority-black Ferguson community and the majority-white city government and police.

Police brutality and the unnecessary use of heavy-handed tactics have become a major concern across the US in recent years. US police shoot and kill an average of 1,000 people a year, according to a report by the Police Policy Studies Council.

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