Doomsday Countdown Proceeds—Obama's Defense Secretary Strikes a Pose in the South China Sea

Doomsday Countdown Proceeds—Obama’s Defense Secretary Strikes a Pose in the South China Sea

The doomsday countdown of the dead British Empire continues, led by the Trans-Atlantic nations, manifest in financial disintegration, war provocations and toleration of mass suffering and death. One image of the process—comic but deadly dangerous—is Obama’s Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who appeared today in the South China Sea. As in a re-tread of Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore, Carter stood on the deck of the aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. John Stennis, holding forth against China, as the ship steamed west of Luzon.

It is tempting to get furious and be distracted. But, Lyndon LaRouche warned, on his April 14 national Fireside Chat with LPAC organizers, that we are not seeking “vengeance.” He said, “We have to defend humanity.” That means, put the blame where it counts, and act. Go for removing Obama, and breaking the doomsday

Besides provocation against China in the Pacific, the White House/London axis is conducting provocation against Russia in Europe. Over the past 10 days, Carter’s Pentagon officials have gone before Congress, demanding resources to upgrade U.S. defenses to counter ‘demon Russia.’ While this is, in part, crass maneuvering for a bigger budget, it is actual strategic policy, and deathly real in its implications for war. It came out yesterday (Politico, April 14) that there is a secret U.S. Army analysis, titled, “Russia New Generation Warfare Study,” whose focus is on how to ramp-up U.S. defenses to exceed the modernized capabilities Russia now commands. The lessons that are in the study, are to be acted out in a war game in Poland in June.

What is the reality behind the threats? The financial economic pretense of Wall Street/City of London is in shambles. This week the “living wills” (contingency plans for failure) of five of the six biggest U.S. banks were rejected as not credible or workable by the Federal Reserve and FDIC. The Fed’s letter to JP Morgan Chase, for example, stated that, there is not even “one pathway for winding down the derivatives portfolio” of the bank. Note that, JPM Chase’s nominal derivatives involvement is $51 trillion! The Fed regulators stated dryly that, the “wind-down plan” proffered by JPM Chase is so deficient that, it “could pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States.”

The point again is, don’t get distracted. Don’t get side-tracked on irrelevancies. Shut this system down. Throw the bums out. The British system is dead, and the alternatives are either a new, viable future, or total chaos.

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