DOPE INCs World’s biggest Drug-Pusher Backs Hillary

The World’s Top Drug-Pusher Backs Hillary

Even the top politicians of America, the governors and Members of Congress, have begun showing signs of extreme concern at the epidemic of heroin abuse and addiction which is afflicting the United States from coast to coast.

Combined with the abuse of prescription painkillers and the rampant spread of marijuana use since Obama effectively made it legal, this drug epidemic is helping drive a terrible American phenomenon. Death rates have been rising across the population during the last two U.S. presidencies, a tragic development unheard-of in developed nations. Horrified scholars are finding their studies showing that Americans at all ages have been killing themselves, since the turn of this century, in a mass epidemic of hopelessness spiked by drugs.

No individual has provided more funds, for more decades, for the campaigns to legalize illegal drugs, and spread their use, than the hedge fund manager and British “regime-change” agent George Soros.

Soros was the biggest funder of Barack Obama to the Presidency. Monday he was revealed to be by far the biggest supporter of Hillary Clinton, running for President on Obama’s war-and-Wall Street “legacy.” Soros gave Clinton’s leading superpac, Priorities U.S.A., millions—between one-quarter and one-third of all the money it raised in the last six months.

The world’s top drug pusher is trying to drive Hillary into the White House. This, while also leading a swarm of hedge funds in a sudden attack on China’s currency reserves, which are the basis for its international lending for needed infrastructure development all over Eurasia, Africa, and South America.

There is a profound difference between nations like China—developing and providing development worldwide—and the European nations, Japan, and the United States. The trans-Atlantic countries are now economic and moral failures; for decades, they have been without any national mission—such as, for example, missions both China and India have, in the two most creative and fastest-advancing space programs on the planet.

Such missions are the vehicles through which nations mobilize their most priceless wealth: the human creativity by which mankind creates its future. The United States was losing its space mission for decades; Barack Obama finally killed it.

LaRouchePAC’s leader in Texas, Kesha Rogers, famous for her “Save NASA; Impeach Obama” campaigns, has launched a new mobilization to bring the space mission back.

That kind of creative mission is the basis for shaping a new presidency. Hillary is disqualified; Obama has to be dumped.

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