Doug Vogt’s COURT TESTIMONY ALARMING INFO On Obama’s Eligibility [Video & Audio]

This video is hosted at The Unhived Mind as Youtube keep removing it from their devilish site. Its here for reliability and to get this message out about the usurper fraud in the White House for the City of London.

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BREAKING NEWS! They are talking DEATH SENTENCE given the 100% facts disclosed during court hearing over Obama!!!

Uploaded by ATLAHWorldwide on Feb 1, 2012
Doug Vogt on his testimony at the Georgia Ballot Hearing. Stunning facts of grave concern for national security presented before Judge Malihi. Recorded on 31 January 2012.

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    This is why my friends, if you detest this usurping Kenyan killing the U.S. even further then you must spread this type of knowledge as far and wide as you can. The City of London must be destroyed from within the United States and then the return of the united States of America must occur and fast. You’ve got the NDAA waiting to destroy you at any minute, you must not let this mulatto abomination spy agent and destroyer continue his antics and vacations. Don’t let him band the term ‘terrorists’ around to invade sovereign nations like Libya. Why? Apart from obvious reasons, Obama is a terrorist and so is his wife, both were trained by the Weatherman Underground Organisation. CFR Michelle Obama is handled by real terrorist Bernadine Dohnr. Do your homework and duty for America and the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, Liberty, Freedom, Rights and the Republic under God!

    -=The Unhived Mind

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