Drastic consequences of Gay Marriage highlighted by Lord Carey

Lord Carey: Gay marriage could have ‘drastic’ consequences including risk of polygamy

The former Archbishop of Canterbury will set out his reasons why he believes gay marriage would ‘strike at the very fabric of society’ at the Tory party conference

By Jonathan Petre
PUBLISHED: 01:18, 7 October 2012 | UPDATED: 01:18, 7 October 2012

Lord Carey, pictured, is certain any moves to change the law on gay marriage will put society ‘on a slippery slope where the unintended consequences could be shocking’

David Cameron’s plans to allow gay marriage could have ‘drastic’ consequences, even allowing men to marry more than one woman, the former Archbishop of Canterbury will warn Conservatives tomorrow.

In a speech at this week’s party conference, Lord Carey will say same-sex marriages ‘strike at the very fabric of society’.

He will say it is difficult to know at this stage what the consequences would be if gay marriage were introduced, according to a draft seen by The Mail on Sunday.

But he will cite developments in other countries where the law is being liberalised, including France, where the government intends to ban the words ‘mother and father’ from official documents, replacing them with ‘parents’.

Lord Carey, who also writes in The Mail on Sunday today that the Government needs to confront the ‘divisive’ issue of immigration, will add: ‘We can be sure any move away from our traditional understanding of marriage is to put our society on a slippery slope where the unintended consequences could be shocking.

‘I note, for example, that on August 28 the BBC reported that a public notary in Sao Paulo has accepted a civil union between a man and two women.

‘Once we move from the solid ground of marriage earthed in that time-honoured relationship of a man and woman, in a loving relationship open to procreation, we can be sure the result will not strengthen the life of society and will not greatly help the life chances of our children.’

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