Dutch Ministers are not swearing loyalty King Willem-Alexander

‘Dutch MPs won’t swear loyalty to king’

Thu, 18 Apr 2013 06:53:41 GMT

A number of lawmakers in the Netherlands say they will not swear allegiance to the country’s new king, Willem-Alexander, during his upcoming crowning ceremony.

According to reports, the lawmakers said they would not take part in the ceremony scheduled to be held on April 30, which is the traditional national holiday of Queen’s Day.

The lawmakers say the tradition is outdated and should be abolished.

During the ceremony, the king is expected to swear to be faithful to the constitution and properly fulfill his role. Following the pledge by the king, all the 225 members of the upper and lower house of parliament are expected to individually swear allegiance to the new monarch.

The 45-year-old prince will succeed his mother, Queen Beatrix, as the head of state, when the Queen abdicates the throne after 33 years.

In January, the Queen announced that she was ending her reign and that her eldest son, Prince Willem-Alexander, would replace her.

Earlier this week, the Dutch Republican Society (NRG) announced plans to set up an online petition to enforce a parliamentary debate on the salary of Prince Willem-Alexander.

The NRG has called for the king’s salary to be lowered from 850,000 euros, the current salary of Queen Beatrix, to 150,000 euros.

The anti-monarchists say the Queen’s salary is more than twice the salary of US President Barack Obama and four times the income earned by German President Joachim Gauck. The Dutch monarch’s salary is also five times the salary of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and that of Spain’s King Juan Carlos.

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  • The Dutch Royal family are dominated by the Jesuit Order. Knight of Malta Prince Bernard was a big founder of the European Union and he initiated his daughter Queen Beatrix into the Knights of Malta. You already know that Beatrix is one of the main members of the Bilderberg Club. She is mastered by two Jesuit soldiers named Eduard Kimman SJ and Huub Oosterhuis SJ the latter takes her confessions (sound Protestant to you? More like crypto-Catholic.) The so-called Protestant Knights of Malta are all covertly commanded by the Order of Malta and its Cardinal Grandmaster via The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem based in Switzerland in the Canton of Geneva run by Order of Malta Knight, Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV also of the powerful Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem which has higher rank than the Order of Malta.

    Finally may I remind you that the Dutch Royal family are known as the House of Orange and this is why you are forced to eat orange carrots. Carrots were never orange until the House of Orange ordered them to be colored in their color. Orange is a very important color dealing with the hermaphrodite occult. Orange is broken down into two being the ‘or’ and the ‘ange’ these then are tied to the solar Sun and Venus being Lucifer or Aphrodite and of course the other being Mercury known as Hermes. Names are chosen for a reason and the use of orange is very occult. When you were a child with your crayons what color would you use to make your Sun? Why it was orange or sometimes yellow connected to the solar metal, gold. Is it not interesting how we have such a fascination with the Sun from an early age or is it just how we are forced indoctrinated by school systems commanded by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers? This is a very pagan and druidism World when you delve deep enough into the veiled rabbit hole. The Grand Druid Council is commanded at the top by the Jesuit Order as revealed to John Todd by ex-Jesuit soldier, Alberto Rivera.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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