Earn nearly half a million dollars by selling your poo

Earn nearly half a million dollars by selling your poo

By Lee Mathews Feb. 16, 2015 3:15 pm outhouse

There are tons of ways you can make a little extra money. You could sell your crap, for example. Not your old stuff at a yard sale, mind you: actual crap. And you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it.

Faecal transplants are booming, and that means donors are needed. Not just any old donor will do, of course. Companies like OpenBiome are only looking for exceptionally qualified applicants. Generally that means someone who’s in their late twenties or early thirties, is in very good physical condition, and enjoys a well-balanced diet that’s high in fiber.

Why so particular? A number of recent studies have shown that fecal transplants can pass along more than just the feces itself. There’s been evidence that obesity can be acquired after a transplant. It’s also believed that some of the donor’s personality traits can be inherited by the recipient.

Should you make the cut, however, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. OpenBiome pays up to $13,000 per year for quality transplant material. The first step is to join their registry, then you’ve got to head on down to their Medford, Mass. offices for a consult with their chief medical officer. Then the rigorous blood and stool testing begins — and they’re incredibly thorough.

If you do qualify, hitting the $13,000 per year mark won’t be easy. Each donation you make earns you $40, and you get a $50 bonus for making five deposits in a week. Keep that up for the entire 32-year donation window (ages 18 to 50), and you’re gold. That does, however, seem like a tall order unless you happen to live or work very close to OpenBiome’s HQ.

Here’s a somewhat frightening scenario that New Scientist pitched: celebrity fecal transplants. You might shudder at the thought, but they’re probably onto something. Some people will buy pretty much any old crap that a celebrity tries to sell them. Enhancing your personality with a quick fecal transplant from a celeb you idolize? That’s hardly the most outlandish thing we’ve ever heard of people doing to transform themselves.

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