Ebola Lab Results Sabotaged Through the Tulane Hemorrhagic Fevers Project

Ebola Lab Results Sabotaged Through the Tulane Hemorrhagic Fevers Project

October 21, 2014

When we can put any credibility in this Reuters report (“Exclusive: U.S. cuts resources for project involved in Ebola battle in Sierra Leone”) then we have found the until now missing and crucial link to why officially people are still being diagnosed with ebola in Africa – more specifically in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, and previously in Nigeria – even though it has been widely documented that the ebola outbreak of 2014 is a BIG SCRIPTED FRAUD.

At least the labs in Sierra Leone and Nigeria that are supposed to examine samples and determine whether or not patients have contracted ebola at all are all funded/controlled through the Tulane University’s hemorrhagic fevers project (a bio warfare project) which has, officially, recently been defunded by the US government.

It is therefore not hard to imagine how the paid agents, saboteurs, operating within this Tulane/US bio warfare network of deception in (West) Africa can easily continue to sabotage lab results – provide/establish any false narrative at will – and make the whole world believe that patients really have contracted ebola in the region, since the labs there that are properly equipped to examine samples for ebola are limited and obviously largely under the control of the Tulane project, its operators and commanders (US military) since most of the money comes from the Tulane project. Hereby fooling the entire international community, from medics on the field to governments and charity organizations around the world, top to bottom, the whole chain of persons and agencies involved. Including (foreign) military troops and their higher command, for as far as those latter characters are not already deliberately involved in a hostile and corrupt manner anyway.

As for the lab results for Guinea and Liberia, well, we know that the Tulane University was/is in Guinea during the fake ebola outbreak. In fact they are operating within the greater area of West Africa and therefore have access to ALL samples and can therefore forge lab results at will anywhere in the region, on demand. Anyone arguing or wanting to expose their FAKE lab results will have their throats slit or will die in a swimming pool!

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