Ebola outbreak a scam?

Ebola outbreak a scam?


This could be entirely true, and a ruse to get people to accept a tainted vaccine. As usual, whenever I post something, the rule is AVOID ALL VACCINATION MANDATES, especially when they are associated with an outbreak. Vaccines have been issued in the past with the sole intent of destroying populations and have been miraculously caught and stopped during shipping.

Baxter’s tainted batch, referred to in the article Tainted Nightmare is a prime example of an outright failed attempt by the Rothchild / Agenda 21 crowd to cause a massive die off of the population of Europe. Had it not been caught by Czech company Biotest, there would have been massive casualties in Europe and I am not talking a few thousand. So the zio clan has already tried to murder millions, Baxter’s so-called “mistake” could not possibly have been as stated, and you can, based on history, pretty much rely on the fact that any mandated vaccine will not be as advertized.

The current protocols in place for this “ebola outbreak”do not match either reality for a genuine outbreak or a genuine effort to contain one. There is definitely the smell of a rat with this one which is precisely why I have so clearly stated that people should buy vitamin C, which is mega cheap, easy to do and highly likely to work if this is all real and being intentionally made worse and if it is all a ruse you lost NOTHING, and only spent $20 or so for an over supply of vitamin C that will be around for the next 10 colds. Not a loss.

Do not give them what they want with this, one way or another there is evil behind it and they need your fear to make their plans work. Get what you need ahead of time and if things get hairy sit at home. Obviously have extra food ready for this, and make it your normal stuff you will eat disaster or not. If the disaster is real and successfully implemented, you will not have a job to worry about. Afterward it will all boil down to picking up pieces, and there will be a lot of excess if any real die off is actually triggered.

In Latin American and Arab/Muslim countries it will be perfectly possible to avoid any mandated vaccines just by staying home because the homes are robust and very resistant to assault, so there is not likely to be a team of home invaders going around kicking in doors to find people hiding out to avoid the vaccine. In Europe and America however, homes are paper thin ornament boxes that are easy to invade, (this was all by design) and if somehow you do prevent people from entering, chances are they will just burn it down. So bugging out might be a more appropriate approach to things.

The most important thing in all of this will be to realize any vaccine will be a trap, they tried with the swine flu and failed. Ebola may be exactly the same thing, so make a few cheap preparations, wait, and use your head. The time to bug out obviously would not be now, wait for talk of an imminent mandated vaccine, and then do what it takes to avoid it. This time the problem is not going to be squalene, they have had 6 years to come up with something worse, chances are it will be the phage.

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