Ebola Possible False-flag alert for Leon in Mexico – Water supplies hindered

Possible red alert – Drinking water in Leon Mexico vanished from store shelves, all major brands, simultaneously for 4 consecutive days, IMPOSSIBLE!


Many people are now beginning to suspect that “Ebola”, as it is now manifesting itself, is really the result of either poisoned food or water, to make people believe there is a real illness going around, when in reality it is the depopulation/agenda 21 crowd up to its same old games.

History has proven time and time again that the Jews use water supplies as a vector for their dirty deeds, and this usually involves poisoning or diseasing wells, so the populations that use them get sick or die.

I therefore find it highly suspicious that Coca Cola’s CIEL, Nestle’s Aqua Fina, PLUS E-Pura, Santorini, and Bonafont, ALL INDEPENDENT COMPANIES simultaneously failed to deliver product in Leon Mexico, a city of well over a million for four consecutive days.

In Mexico people do not drink tap water. They all get their water from one of these five companies, so if you were going to poison a population, these companies would be the best possible delivery medium.

They all have their own water delivery trucks, their own manufacturing facilities, and they all produce noticeably very different products. For example, E-Pura is distilled. Ciel may be either distilled or reverse osmosis, and you can taste it. Santorini is reverse osmosis. Bonafont is carbon filtered, and you can taste it. The point is that these brands are not coming out of the same machine in a central location, HOW ON EARTH THEN did ALL OF THEM fail to deliver product for 4 consecutive days simultaneously when they all have their own delivery trucks as well? One outage did not do them all in, SOMETHING MAY BE AMISS.

I have never seen a day when even one of these products was not available ANYWHERE, yet it happened to all of them at once, and I beg to question WHY.

Call me paranoid, but I am going to buy a filter and start using rain water, which falls abundantly here. And if all of a sudden there is news of an outbreak in Leon three weeks from now, you have the answer to how it happened. No doubt the Georgia Guidestone group will say it was Pedro on a donkey that did it all, just like the man from Liberia did Dallas, but “Ebola” is NOT spreading the way they are saying, BET ON IT.

Sep 30 2014

  • theunhivedmind

    Three ways they can attack you, water, air and food supply. The first two will be the preferred method since everyone breathes air and drink water. Monitor ground and hepa filter samples for chemical agents which present symptoms similar to Ebola symptoms. The Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering program will be used as a proxy to vector the agents above your heads. Monitor daily the level of overhead spraying and see if it increases during prior and during outbreaks of illness. Unfortunately we cannot monitor the frequencies being used against us using the microwave transponder networks as a carrier. Remember that in Kenema and the epiccenter of the Ebola scare that there is no ebola its gone since the U.S biological warfare units had been removed. If you want to collect rain water then do so using a good filter and away from roofs so the water drops straight into the buckets producing less dirt and chemicals. You then filter this water either with a distiller or by using an Ozone machine, bleach or lugol’s iodine (with Vitamin C after as a buffer to the iodine). You could also use a dehumidifier to collect water from the air then ozone it etc.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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