EbolaGate 2014: “Ebola Stocks,” US Patient Zero, International Emergency Measures and the Statistics

EbolaGate 2014: “Ebola Stocks,” US Patient Zero, International Emergency Measures and the Statistics

October 1, 2014

US Patient Zero

The US CDC says it has confirmed that the anonymous patient being isolated in Texas has ebola, contracted in Liberia. Allegedly.

First of all, I find it very suspicious that we constantly hear of US patients allegedly contracting ebola and making headlines around the world, even though just as many Europeans for example are actively involved in charity and development in Africa yet we only heard of two Spanish ebola patients of which one was even an imaginary patient since the stretcher was empty. I have documented this earlier here at Truth Sector.

This new anonymous patient in Dallas is the second whose identity is being kept secret purposely and it is not because of privacy concerns and regulations, let me tell, for we shouldn’t now the identity of Kent Brantly – the Robbie Parker of the ebola outbreak – and Nancy Writebol if we follow that same reasoning. The names are kept secret or unmentioned for the very simple reason that no one can start digging up a past or start connecting dots to expose the fraud once again, as has occurred with Brantly. It allows to spin anything at will at any given moment, including more imaginary patients and more empty stretchers.

Why else would his “The Brantly Bunch” website all of a sudden be private now when IT WAS NOT PRIOR to Brantly’s act in the ebola fraud play? And that is only one of the numerous oddities for this Brantly character who works for the very dubious Samaritan’s Purse and Serving in Mission.

But a lot more interesting in the latest development in the EbolaGate dossier is that the anonymous Dallas patient did not contract ebola, allegedly, through direct contact with body fluids from another alleged ebola patient:

“Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital officials said the staff that treated the patient will be closely observed by the CDC, but stressed that staff were immediately suspicious of Ebola when the patient described his symptoms and background, and that the virus can only be spread by direct contact with bodily fluids, which they don’t believe happened in this case.” – WFAA8, ABC

In response to the excerpt above I will repeat again what I wrote in a previous update:

Either the international medical community, governments and the media have been lying since 1976 or we have something entirely different going on with this alleged ebola outbreak that is being covered up at literally all costs.

That is the only conclusion we all can and should draw after the alleged admission by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital officials that the anonymous Texas patient did not contract ebola through contact with body fluids of another patient, even though that is the standard sales pitch we are exposed to on a daily basis – that ebola can only be contracted when one has contact with blood, saliva, vomit or other body fluids, such as sweat, of an ebola patient. I don’t really care how they will spin this now and what damage control they will roll out. The US and the EU both their CDCs have been caught in the act as they slickly covered their asses prior to this admission – and they know it all too well!

International Emergency Measures

“Will the US CDC activate emergency measures, and will the EU follow?”

“Will the United Nations enforce a global security system now?”

“Are vaccines involved?”

“Don’t you know that the US government has patented the ebola virus?”

These are questions that I get sent in and see appear online mostly in ‘alternative media‘ publications and my answer is YES.

Yes, the US CDC did already activate emergency measures officially last month on the very same day when the UN declared the alleged ebola outbreak to be an international health crisis. That’s when Project BioShield was fully activated and accessible both for the US government and the producers of the experimental anti-ebola serums and vaccines.

“Mr. Williams … said he also noticed more guards standing around in the corridors of the huge facility.”

Yes, the EU already follows that lead because they have already made sure that any chance of being held accountable has been entirely avoided and made impossible.

Yes, the United Nations already enforces a “global security system” since they declared the outbreak a threat to world peace and security. That’s the ultimate safeguard for the creators of the outbreak, an outbreak that had its epicenter relocated on purpose. This declaration by the UN is the guaranteed protection, serves as the diplomatic immunity, for those agencies and their minions who are involved and already proven guilty in the 2014 ebola fraud. On top of this, as proof that anything can and will be used to keep the fraud alive, any and all NATO military assets can be mobilized too.

Foreign Policy on a next outbreak: “A global health emergency corps… A “medical NATO,” so to speak: “The teams would be deployed upon the WHO’s declaration of a global health emergency. They could be mobilized to suppress a disease either completely, or to such a level that a country could then handle the crisis on its own. They would have the authority to directly provide treatment drugs and implement prevention measures without political interference from a country in which an outbreak was happening.”

Yes, vaccines and other medical countermeasures (MCMs) are already involved, under Project BioShield anything is allowed. I have discussed this earlier. All kinds of medical countermeasures can be used, freely tested and bought up by the US government anywhere in the world as long as they claim that the alleged outbreak poses a threat to their homeland’s national security.

Yes, I know about the ebola patents too but the official line goes like this:

The US government has patented a strain of ebola in order to have full access to the pathogen without the need to pay any pharma company any fees for the access and use thereof.

Besides, there is little to expose there since the patent information is public knowledge by all sides. Personally, I find it a distraction from all the hard core evidence that has been gathered in the Truth Sector’s ebola report and it will not persuade any mainstream folks of taking you serious when you claim you have proof that the government wants to inject the whole world with a disease, as part of the population reduction agenda.

The Statistics

The alleged death toll in the equally alleged ebola outbreak of 2014 is hard to break down accurately, if at all, due to the very simple fact that the UN can put up any number as they please – which they do – and because the mouthpiece media, both mainstream and alternative, will blindly copy-paste it anyway – which they also do.

But I am willing to take a calculated guess though.

Lets look at the deceptive September 22 WHO ebola response roadmap update.

Guinea: 818 confirmed cases, 465 deaths.

Liberia: 863 confirmed cases, 670 deaths.

Sierra Leone: 1,640 confirmed cases, 545 deaths.

Nigeria: 19 confirmed cases, 7 deaths.

Senegal: 1 confirmed case, 0 deaths.

Congo: 28 confirmed cases, deaths cannot be included here because ‘confirmed,’ ‘probable‘ and ‘suspected’ criteria have been added up together.

This would amount to an alleged total of:

Confirmed ebola cases : 3,369

Ebola deaths: 1,687

BUT, we know that up to 83% of the dead are thrown in their graves without having an official cause of death being determined. So how much would be left over of the above alleged totals in the end?

Well, 287 deaths is about 17% of the alleged confirmed 1,687 ebola deaths, as stated above, in West Africa. I am quite convinced that that is close enough to the real number of actual ebola deaths in Africa. All the other “confirmed” deaths can most likely be attributed to another virus or lab-created creature that is showing similar early ebola symptoms and reportedly killing mostly women, up to 75%.

The Ebola Stocks

Huffington Post: “Now that the deadly Ebola virus has arrived in the United States, there is only one logical thing to do: Buy stocks! Yes, shares of companies that make, or are trying to make, Ebola vaccines and treatments”

My simple reply to this is this:


Why? Because your money will not be used to develop any ebola treatment at all. That is the whole ‘useful idiot’ principle, to make as many people the suckers again. Don’t fall for that corporate jive. It’s toxic and you will be on the losing end. Project BioShield already provides all the needed funds, and they are looting its fund as we speak.

From another perspective. Why would you want to feed and fund those who are already thriving through darkness and evil?

Don’t feed the beast, KILL IT!

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