Egypt govt. presses ahead with crackdown on opposition members

Egypt govt. presses ahead with crackdown on opposition members

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Egypt’s judicial authorities have ordered the confiscation of the assets of 112 opposition figures.

Members of the anti-coup alliance, formed by the Muslim Brotherhood and other parties mainly from the Islamic stream, are the main target of the crackdown.

But the list also noticeably included names from the independent Wassat and similar parties despite their declared withdrawal from the alliance a few months ago.

The Brotherhood-led alliance, the Sixth of April youth movement, the revolutionary socialists, and the Strong Egypt party, have all condemned the government’s latest move.They described it as the newest form of crackdown by the military backed government, and what they called its judicial tool, aimed at terrorizing all opposition.Analysts have warned against the dangers ahead.

Many Egyptians have also worried about the harmful repercussions of such decisions by the government on the investment atmosphere, in the economically struggling country, longing for social justice.

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