Emperor Carlos brings Rafael de Lorenzo into his Order of Isabella the Catholic

Jimenez honors the Council Secretary General of the ONCE


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, has awarded Tuesday the Council Secretary General de la ONCE, Rafael de Lorenzo, with the Commendation of the Order of Isabel the Catholic and praised his contribution to “many people improve their quality of life. ”

Jimenez De Lorenzo has sent the “gratitude of the Government” and has been used to “pay homage” to the “full path results in promoting the rights of persons with disabilities” and the pursuit of “equal opportunities” for all Council Secretary General of ONCE.

Today, stressed the minister, thanks to people like De Lorenzo “disability has a place in the national and international agenda,” although, he admitted, “there is still much to do.” In this regard, he encouraged the decorated, with whom he worked while he was Minister of Health, to maintain “the desire to continue pursuing the dream of people with disabilities.”

The foreign minister praised the “great clarity of mind and analytical skills” De Lorenzo and especially that he is a “brilliant, genius and wit.”

With so many accolades and received the award, the Secretary General of the Council ONCE said “overwhelmed” and pointed out that like him a lot of people “who deserve it” and has worked with him all these years.

In his opinion, the award comes not so much by their “merit” but his “steadfastness and struggle” to improve the living conditions of disabled people. Thus, stated that although his work is only “a drop of water” will continue “fighting for the future.”

So, has expressed his “personal commitment to continue working from ONCE and ONCE” which has claimed to be only “one link and a bit”.

The delivery of the award took place at the Palacio de Viana. The Order of Isabel the Catholic extraordinary rewards those behaviors in a suit, made by Spanish and foreign people, for the benefit of the nation or to contribute, in a relevant manner, to promote friendly relations and cooperation between Spain and the rest of the international community, as specified by the rules of the order.

The Commendation is the fourth largest extent of the decorations of this order.

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