King Juan Carlos of Spain trips up

King Juan Carlos of Spain tripped and fell flat on his face at an official ceremony yesterday, the latest mishap for the ageing monarch.

By Fiona Govan, Madrid
6:21PM BST 02 Aug 2012

The 74-year-old stumbled up a step on a visit to army headquarters in Madrid yesterday morning and was photographed as he lay sprawled on the flagstones while aides rushed to pick him up.

The accident caused no lasting damage, the Royal Palace said, and the King was able to complete his visit as planned.

He later attended a photo call with military chiefs sporting a swollen and grazed nose.

It is the latest in an unfortunate series of accidents to befall Spain’s monarch. In April he tripped up while staying on a safari lodge in Botswana on a trip to hunt elephants. He fractured his hip and had to be flown back to Spain to undergo emergency surgery.

The incident meant details of the hunting trip became public knowledge and caused an uproar forcing the monarch to issue an unprecedented apology.

Last November the King was photographed with a black eye and sticking plaster on the bridge of his nose at a reception to welcome new ambassadors to Spain. The King explained the injuries with the comment “this is what happens when one slams into a door”.

But the King is not the only accident prone Royal in the family. In April, a week before his own hunting accident, the King’s eldest grandson 13-year-old Felipe Juan Froilan, shot himself in the foot during target practice with his father at their home in Soria.

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  • This is Emperor Juan Carlos on his last legs folks. You do not continue to keep falling over and having accidents like this guy unless you are suffering serious illness or very old age. This is the Emperor of the New unHoly Roman Empire commanding New Jerusalem aka City of London. He has had this position since the Princess of the New unHoly Roman Empire, Elizabeth Mary II was relieved of her duty in 1975. All commanded by the Curia Generalizia through the Office of the Holy See! Do not worry the Bourbon’s will continue through Prince Felipe, he will keep the drugs trade alive in the spirit of his father. Juan Carlos can hold all the highest positions of power and have all the fancy titles in the World like the ‘King of Jerusalem’ but he is no longer fit-for-purpose. The Bourbon’s are the second oldest Monarchy in existence behind the Emperors of Japan. They are the continuum of the Papal Nobility Farnese family who commissioned the Jesuit Order. I do not see the House of Windsor (Guelph) getting the position back. If the Windsor’s do then I believe it will be Prince William at some point seeing as his blood is the scion of Medici and Sforza just to name a few. The Jesuits are now visibly downsizing the House of Windsor to the U.K. slave populace.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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