Emperor Juan Carlos makes Colonial War Puppet, Sarkozy a Knight of the Golden Fleece [Video]

Spain’s King Juan Carlos made French President Nicolas Sarkozy a Knight of the Golden Fleece on Monday for his help in fighting armed Basque separatist group ETA.

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  • Emperor Juan Carlos, the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem gives his colonial war puppet a Knighthood for his destruction of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. In this attack against Gaddafi, the murderous Nicholas Sarkozy aided the theft of Libyan water (St Lazare Foundation), food crisis of North Africa/Middle East along with the theft of light sweet crude oil and the stopping of a Gold backed Dinar to be used for oil payment. This would have allowed all nations with oil to have requested payment for their oil in gold or with gold backing. Remember that both Saudi Arabia and Japan can request payment for Gold if they desire whilst no one else can. Lets not forget to mention the Desertec project to use the Sahara desert to supply a percentage of Europe’s energy needs. We shall not forget that the rumour has it that it was not the NTC Al-Qaeda rebels who killed Gaddafi but it was in fact French DGSE intelligence. Does that surprise you when you also note the French air support in the attack on Gaddafi’s convoy? Of course the blame is shifted onto Arabs via a man-in-the-middle attack by the media run by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers. The Union for the Mediterranean must be stopped and this Jesuit trained and backed Bourbon King removed and lawfully tried for treason.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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