EU Police wont allow you to use natural coffee as a pesticide

Use coffee to beat slugs? Beware, the EU pesticide police are on your trail

Using coffee beans breaks EU policies on pesticides

By Ian Drury
PUBLISHED: 01:37, 27 August 2012 | UPDATED: 02:59, 27 August 2012

Desperate gardeners will try every trick in the book to prevent their lovingly tended plants being obliterated by the scourge of slugs.

But those who use a popular organic method to protect their vegetables could be hit by a secondary pest – the EU.

Brussels bureaucrats have ruled that gardeners who sprinkle coffee grounds around their cabbages to kill slugs are breaking the law.

The home-made solution contravenes regulations on pesticides, say officials.

It means there is a chance – albeit a slim one – of vegetable growers receiving a visit and a heavy fine from the police.

Gardeners say the caffeine in coffee keeps slugs out of the vegetable patch.

Many coffee shops let customers take the grounds home for free, which can then be used as a mulch or to improve compost.

But the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has warned that any gardener using coffee granules to deter slugs falls foul of EU regulations.

The rules say that any active ingredient or chemical used in gardening must be explicitly approved and placed on an EU list of pesticides.

This aims to stop people using ‘home-made remedies in a dangerous manner’.

But caffeine has never been tested for its effectiveness as a pesticide, its impact on the environment, gardeners and other creatures.

This means its use as a slug deterrent is not allowed.

Dr Andrew Halstead, principal scientist of plant health at the RHS, said it was easier for the EU to list chemicals that had been tested and approved and impose a blanket ban on all other pesticides.

He said: ‘Anything that has not been through the system is illegal to use as a pesticide, however safe that chemical is perceived to be.

‘If you were to use coffee grounds around plants with the intention of providing some organic matter in the form of a mulch, rather than as a slug control or deterrent, then the regulations relating to pesticides would not apply.

‘This may all sound rather daft, but the intention of the pesticides legislation is to prevent people from applying untested dangerous chemicals.

‘However, the chances of being prosecuted for scattering coffee grounds in a garden are, I suspect, remote.’

Bob Flowerdew, a panellist on Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time and author of several gardening books, said: ‘Regulations are an ass, but they haven’t led to prosecutions. I cannot recommend that anyone breaks the law, but I can point out that, in other countries, people do use coffee grounds.’

Mr Flowerdew said some gardeners used soft soap on plants to kill aphids, although this would also be technically illegal.

‘As long as you say. “I’m not killing the aphids, I’m giving them a wash, but oh dear they seem to have died accidentally”, it’s okay.

‘It’s the British way: we work our way around the regulations.’

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  • So its okay to plaster your garden in highly dangerous Monsanto Round-up Ready aiding population reduction (Club of Rome) but you cannot put simple coffee on your home. Note the hypocrisy of how these vermin are ripping up all the trees and plant life whilst concreting everywhere they can like a skin cancer on Earth. All as I said in order to depopulate the planet with the UN Agenda 21 and aid false carbon increases in Cities to aid taxation and control by deception.

    Now tell me is putting coffee on your garden Lawful? Of course it is Lawful, so then why are you worried about the European Union for? You live in England and have English Common Law which cannot be trumped by any fictious legalese law both of Government and the nazi European Union. This legalese system is fictional needing the consent of the governed, do not give up your Common Law rights. No Parliament can repeal the English Common Law and the Magna Carta 1215.

    Do your homework immediately and join the British Constitutional Group. Its time the Roman Civil Law was shoved back up the backside of the Pope and his crusading orders who master the financial arena through New Jerusalem (City of London). I spit on his Tiara of slavery and we are people of England, the land not Great Britain, E.U, U.K or anything else they wish to term it. Know your rights. Call for a ban on the legal system based on Vatican Canon Law perfecting Maritime Admiralty Law pioneered by the Phoenicians. Also study the Uniform Commercial Code side of this vile merchant takeover system. We are not dead sailors on the Sea of Souls reaped by Saturn (Satan). We are man and woman in God’s image on the land with flesh that lives and blood that flows. Make your ‘living documents’ (highest document on Earth) with your blood fingerprints and repeal the wicked Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 held at Temple Bar, New Jerusalem controlled by King Juan Carlos of Spain.

    All those who bought in this vile European Union have committed High Treason on England especially Dame of Malta Elizabeth Mary II who has signed everyone of the treasonous Treaties. These creatures of the night shall be put through a Lawful Court and punished to the maximum affect for the crime of High Treason and to the pre-1998 laws. Why? Elizabeth Mary II and Knight of Malta Tony Blair altered the law in case they were found out and therefore stopped the death penalty. England will come back and these demons will be removed once and for all. The main focus will be of course that City of London surrounded by English land. The Pope shall no longer have that one-square mile land and it will be sent packing to Rome where it belongs next to its master at Via dei Condotti. I call on the great Vladimir Putin to free the World from piracy and to destroy this New Jerusalem with his nuclear arsenal or scalar weaponry as soon as possible. I will gladly give up my life in fall-out to know these pirates are no more and the World is free at last.

    May I remind you that all in the U.K. are currently suffering the after effects of Russian radiation fall-out from Chernobyl. This is the main reason for the increase in cancer and thyroid problems in humans and animals. Why? The City of London wanted a Russian scalar interferometer attacked which has a side-effect of taking out Chernobyl. This side-effect was known but the plan was executed in order to increase population reduction based on the top secret ‘Apocalypse Equation’ thesis of Audrey Tomason (current U.S Director for Counter-Terrorism).

    My question is how come it so bad to use coffee on your soil when these vermin are daily spraying aerosols over everything below. Do a study on the vile operations of the U.S. Air Force above your heads on a daily basis Worldwide with the help of some commercial airliners. Operations conducted through the military and civilian ‘Open Skies Treaty’ and based on operations rain dance, red sky and Cloverleaf. The spreading of highly toxic chemicals, minerals and nanotechnology for supposed geo-engineering purposes. Chemicals such as barium salts known as a drying agent and an aid to false man-made droughts to create food crises to lower the global population. Notice the increase in Lung cancer lately? Hows about the massive increase in COPD? Do your homework.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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