European Parliament comes under fire over record spending

EU parliament under fire over spending

Fri, 20 Sep 2013 14:12:49 GMT

The European Parliament has come under fire for its plans to pay out a record amount of 206 million euros for new buildings in Brussels, while the region is experiencing austerity and economic recession.

According to a report in The Telegraph on Friday, the plans emerged following questions from Philip Claeys, a Belgian member of parliament.

“The EU demands austerity, cuts and savings in all member states, but is clearly not willing to stop the waste of money for its own activities,” said Claeys.

The new buildings include the rental of an 11-storey office building as well as the purchase of another building named the Trebel, both located close to the EU Parliament in Brussels.

The EU assembly needs extra space since parliamentarians are recruiting additional assistants and trainees and the new member Croatia also needs offices.

“This is an outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money when the EU is demanding punishing cuts from ordinary households and national governments,” said British politician Paul Nuttall from UK Independence Party.

“As the profligate EU wants to expand its empire or project it continues to hire more Eurocrats and increase the size and expense of its Towers of Babel,” he added.

The European Parliament’s staff includes 6,200 civil servants and 1,525 parliamentary assistants.

Analysts say the high spending by parliamentarians could backfire in next year’s elections expected in May next year.

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