Evangelists And Corporate Nut Trader Enslave Members Of Brazil’s Indigenous Zo’é Tribe

Evangelists And Corporate Nut Trader Enslave Members Of Brazil’s Indigenous Zo’é Tribe


I find it always repulsive and for me it’s, quite frankly, a display of willful perversion when evangelists or any other religious preachers often forcefully enter the lives of people who have no need for the new religion that is being advertised to them.

So when I read about how a Christian evangelists mission from the U.S. “enslaved” Zo’é tribe members in Brazil to collect nuts for a corporate nut trader, I assure you my blood was boiling instantly.

Not only did – and likely still does – the New Tribes Mission from the United States impose their religious beliefs on an isolated tribe in Brazil that has been living in perfect harmony with nature without the outsiders their doctrines, the New Tribe Mission sectarians also forced these peaceful people to work in conditions that are analogous to slavery – and that is also something they have in common with the equally brutal catholic church, historically.

It’s not the first time that the New Tribes Mission is being heard of in a negative way, in past decades they’ve already been entangled in sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse of children and even their own workers.

It’s a sickening organization that should be destroyed right away.

If you are religious, fine. But leave people alone, don’t enslave them and KEEP YOUR HANDS OF THE KIDS. Damn perverts!

Walking around with their bible preaching about Jesus and what his message to the world was and what not but in the end they’re groping kids and treating them like property – hypocrite bastards. Why don’t you mingle with the Belgian and Dutch priests? They have an identical psychopath passion for virgin boys.

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