‘Everyday American’ Taxpayers Funded $90,000 Private Jet For Hillary (And Her Mom) To Visit Her Chef

‘Everyday American’ Taxpayers Funded $90,000 Private Jet For Hillary (And Her Mom) To Visit Her Chef

by Tyler Durden
Aug 31, 2016 1:04 PM

The Navy officer in the picture below got a lot of attention back in May when he accompanied Hillary to a Memorial Day parade in her home town of Chappaqua, NY. Many online questioned whether Hillary had paid an actor to convince voters she had military supporters.

Turns out, that Navy officer is retired Chief Culinary Specialist, Oscar Flores, of the U.S. Navy Reserve, and he seems to have an unusually close relationship with the Clintons. Flores originally served as Bill’s White House Chef but has stuck with the Clintons over the years and currently serves as their “Director of Operations” at their home in Chappaqua.

In fact, according to a note from CNBC, the Clinton’s are so tight with their chef that back in 2011 then Secretary of State Hillary chartered a G-5 to attend his Navy retirement ceremony in San Diego. Per Hillary’s official schedule below, she also brought Bill, Chelsea and her mom, Dorothy Rodham, along for the ride…the extra seats were just going to be wasted otherwise…might as well bring the family along to enjoy the lovely San Diego weather.

According to the official Navy press release, Hillary described Flores as the “Mayor of Chappaqua because a simple trip to the grocery store or to the post office turns into a three hour town hall meeting. Everybody wants to talk to Oscar.” So cute.

Given the critical nature of his service to the Clintons, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Hillary would charter a $90,000 private jet, at taxpayer expense, to attend his retirement ceremony.

We know what you’re thinking…she must have had some other official business in San Diego, aside from a retirement ceremony of her former chef, that required her presence, right? Well apparently not. Per her schedule below there are a couple of “FYIs” but no official meetings outside of Flores’ retirement gathering…just a lot of free time to enjoy the beautiful Estancia Hotel in La Jolla and the 68 degree weather…the type of living that would impress even the wealthiest of NY hedge fund billionaires.

As a side note, it turns out the specific jet that Hillary chartered, tail number N200LC, is currently for sale for $2.5mm. Looks like a pretty sweet ride!

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