Evidence of demolition charges involved with WTC7 on 9-11 [Video]


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  • Now take a look into the Amec Plc company and take a look at their installed film study at the City University of New York. The one which French intelligence DGSE used to film the plane hitting the building with those Naudet brothers. Note Amec Plc in New York that day and then look at their involvement with security camera at The Pentagon as well as their involvement in refurbishing the area of The Pentagon hit by the AGM 12C Bulpup 900lb weapon with the Nazi Mistral device via the A3 Skywarrior. The attacks that day having been drawn up at the Gray’s Inn through GAPAN at New Jerusalem and executed with precision by the highly skilled Canadian Royal Air Force and Bombarder Master Trust the World’s number one electronic warfare specialist. All connected to the very secretive Senior Executive Service in cohorts with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the U.K. Ministry of Defence. Surely you still do not believe Arabs in a cave could pull off such a massive operation with such precision on the supposed military power of the World which even Russia on its own would never try to attack haha.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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