Example of the Tavistock Institute’s social engineering [Video]


    Notice the brainwashing of the youth and populace to acceptance of mixed-race relationships and cross-breeding. To understand why this is occurring you obviously have to be aware of the World Government agenda but also study Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his ‘Practical Idealism’ writings. I am sure you will then totally understand why our races and cultures are being amalgamated and destroyed. Remember not only the mindset of race has to be destroyed but believe it or not even the sexes of beings as we enter the Uranian mindset. This is where Tavistock brings out their vile weapon called Lady GaGa to sucker the degeneration-X. Remember the master mind bender is the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and its sister organization the Stanford Research Institute. Music is their most powerful form of mind and body control over the populace closely followed by the television and its mind locking flicker rates. All to tell you through vision to programme with their satanic algorithms and predictable programing.

    -=> The Unhived Mind

  • noname

    There is a conundrum in regards to what use to be white protestant women. marriage only works with in God’s structure (Biblically orientated). For white heterosexual males, it is almost more desirable know to seek women from other cultures who are still okay with being women. White U.S. women have devolved to she-males. I understand this a broad stereotype, but ask any woman over here in the States about submission and watch the response. Very few understand that all authority comes from submission (ie parable of the Roman centurion or the fact that Christ was given all authority under heaven and Earth because he submitted to the Father even unto death). Funny how they wonder why their children don’t listen to them or respect their authority. That is what the kids are being shown no matter what words come out of the parents’ mouth.

    • Correct on the white men looking to cultures which still have feminines who act feminine and not masculine. The Jesuits actually desire white heterosexual males to breed with Far Eastern feminines. Its all in the name of destroying the idea of race. We are not in the evil Aeon of Horus where Christianity is not followed but Thelema worship is and it all ties into the Uranian agenda to destroy both gender and class whilst supposedly bringing a purer democracy. The later is a complete joke as democracy is out the door in this post-democratic society coming in.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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