Experts scaremonger about next years supposed deadly solar storm


Scientists have predicted a solar storm that could have potentially deadly consequences

Monday August 27,2012
By Giles Sheldrick

A THUNDEROUS solar storm is threatening to strike Earth next year with possibly deadly consequences.

Experts have painted a scenario of widespread blackouts, communications failing and computer and satellite
systems going into meltdown.

When the Sun reaches the peak of its 11-year cycle, fierce magnetic rays burst from it. Activity is low this cycle but as energy is not being released, any storms would be more violent.

A large discharge could overwhelm Earth’s magnetic field, which serves as a protective barrier.

The last catastrophic “coronal mass ejection”, as it is known, was in 1859 when most telegraph systems were disabled.

A Nasa-backed report predicted a “planetary disaster” if a storm struck.

Professor Alan Woodward, of Surrey University, said:

“We have never had a solar storm since we have been dependent on computers or satellites.”
We have never had a solar storm since we have been dependent on computers or satellites

The Government has experts working to combat the problem.

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  • Oh please give up with this 11-year (Saturn’s judgment) propaganda from NASA. The Sun is in a solar minimum and this is the reason the Earth has been naturally cooling since 1993. Do not be fooled by what may seem warming with the odd warm day or a cluster of warm days with odd heat patterns. Most of these are being generated by the USAF through the aerosol program at a lower-level which produces warming. At a higher level they can induce cooling. All done through the ‘Open Skies Treaty’ both military and civilian version as some commercial aircraft aid with sky coverage. Study operations rain dance, red sky and cloverleaf. Do not be fooled by droughts strategically hitting important water areas. Droughts which are man-made using the aerosols made up of barium salts a known drying agent. Please study UN Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome’s Global 2000 Report to understand what these merchant pirates are really doing and Orders like the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus with the St Lazare Foundation and World Society. Study U.N Proposition 21 and the theft of the World’s water by the U.N including rainwater.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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