NASA Weather Mapping is confirmation of two forms of Geoengineering in the U.S.

Exposed: New NASA Weather Map Confirms 2 Kinds of Geoengineering in the USA

March 13, 2015 truthsector

You have probably already seen the recent weather map that is circulating in the press, provided by NASA. The map that shows the US divided in two regions, a colder than average and a warmer than average, East Coast and West Coast. But most people haven’t got an honest explanation yet, at least not from that same elitist press.

As the propaganda machines have been fueled up and are starting to roll out the same old “man-made-it’s-CO2-global-warming” garbage, to explain away the odd weather pattern over the US, by organizing talk shows and special news broadcasts with all dressed up and perms-in-their-hair ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ who can hardly spell their own names, I have already found out the exact reasons for the split US weather map and I will share it with you with pleasure.

The following is also dedicated to all the “Metabunkers”, “Snopesers” and the Google Truth Vault.

So this is the map that is circulating and that is prompting UN minions to call man-made CO2 global warming alarmism, without even knowing what they are staring at. I hope Al Gore’s windbags, who are still trying to figure out how to respond to the fact that their master has PFTBA in his NASA fuel cells, are also paying attention to this one.

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, nasa, map

The map, according to NASA, shows higher than average surface temperatures in Western US and lower than average surface temperatures in Eastern US. Why is this?

Well, the following is a map of nexrad/doppler radars that are stationed in the exact area where the temperature is lower than average, in Eastern US:

nexrad, doppler, radars, eastern us

As you can witness in the following 2 maps, these radars, when active more than they should be (way more than 7 seconds per hour and in such events at a constant 750,000 watts) actually cause cloud formations to form exactly over the region where they are stationed:

nexrad, doppler, radars, eastern us

nexrad, doppler, radars, eastern us

As a result, these radars literally create weather systems in the Eastern part of the US, in the exact same area where NASA shows that surface temperatures are lower than average. It’s a PERFECT MATCH! There’s no denying this at all.

nexrad, doppler, radars, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, nasa, map

Now for the Western US area we are dealing with another form of climate/weather engineering technology, lets call it haarp-like manipulation to use a famous catchphrase.

There is a provable explanation for the higher than average temperatures and the drier than average climate in the West. For this we simply have to take the 2013 maps from the Weather Channel on which we can clearly see that weather systems and cloud formations are being blocked before they can even enter over the West Coast’s mainland. These are obvious signs of haarp-like manipulation at the West Coast of the US (this is also further explained here, it is important to read that San Joaquin valley report in order to understand some of the reasons why this is occurring there).

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, map, haarp-like, weather, blocked, east coast, eastern us

There’s no debunking this in any way. It is constantly in the same area before the shores of the West Coast that the weather systems are being blocked from entering the US mainland and also the haarp-like signatures in the cloud systems indicate that beyond any doubt. Weather systems that normally would allow for cooler surface temperatures and rain clouds. In addition to this haarp-like manipulation near the West Coast I am quite convinced that other such methods are being deployed over the mainland in Western US, no doubt about it!

It is this kind of explanation that the people need, in order to understand what they are seeing on the NASA map for February 2015, as it is being distributed in the establishment press.

Of course not a single mainstream ‘genius’ will tell you this, they’d lose their elitist paycheck over it. Instead they’ll feed the population with UN propaganda, that mankind is pumping too much CO2 in the air. The above maps clearly prove to you that CO2 has NOTHING to do with what is happening to the climate. It’s all unnatural, deliberate manipulation. Have Greenpeace, the WWF, the United Nations and the EU, who all cover up the truth about Fukushima’s 3/11, explain this to you. I’d love to see them try it!

HEAVILY CENSORED: Major Update for NASA’s Geoengineering Map of February 2015

March 14, 2015 truthsector

If you haven’t yet, first read my previous EXTREMELY IMPORTANT geoengineering report for NASA’s February 2015 surface temperature map: Exposed: New NASA Weather Map Confirms 2 Kinds of Geoengineering in the USA

It is highly likely that many people will not be able to read that report online since it is already being censored to death merely 24 hours after I first published it, I have proof of that and I will document that after this:

Should you not get the world out about my report, through the Truth Sector website, please download and distribute that report as a pdf file. Download it and spread it beyond the censors that are blocking my website and content. THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT to ignore. Download this PDF now:

Now, as I mentioned I have crystal clear evidence that my website and my man-made-co2-scam busting report are being censored by those who know damn well what I have documented in that report and they realize very well what it means when the world finds out about it too. It would literally be GAME OVER for the UN’s epic fraud that man-made-co2 global warming is. To hell with that green religion and all those who dare to defend it with their lives and reputations. You’re all BUSTED BIG TIME!

Here you see who is blocking my report and website content. This link popped up out of nowhere in my website traffic statistics:

That belongs to no one less than NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, California, United States.

Here’s the IP data for “” proving it beyond any doubt.

nasa, jpl, block, ip, report, geoengineering, map, surface temperature, february 2015, east coast, west coast

Ask yourself. Why would they block this damning report for their employees at NASA JPL? It’s obvious why, isn’t it?!

In addition I also have the Alabama Power Company blocking the same report and my website:

Here’s the IP data for “” also proving it beyond all doubts:

alabama, power company, block, ip, report, geoengineering, map, surface temperature, february 2015, east coast, west coast, nasa

Why would the Alabama Power Co. block my report? Are they providing the power for installations that are causing haarp-like manipulations of the US weather? Good question!!

I nailed them both with this!

Spread this update too please.


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    SPECIAL: Additional Update for NASA’s Geoengineering Map at Truth Sector

    April 5, 2015 truthsector

    This update is part of the report Exposed: New NASA Weather Map Confirms 2 Kinds of Geoengineering in the USA,” published on FRIDAY March 13, 2015.

    So far no one has been able to debunk the Truth Sector report that has exposed the truth about the odd pattern that can be seen on NASA’s US surface temperature map for February 2015.

    Except for BP, Greenpeace and the Alabama Power Co. their proven lies and proven censoring of my report no negative feedback has been received by me from anyone of any importance or with any credible authority on the matter.

    US Power Plants and Cooling Towers

    In order to further explain to all observers around the world what we are actually seeing on NASA’s infamous map of February 2015 – to make it beyond crystal clear why the continuing censoring is happening – I will add the following information that, like the previous documentation, literally shreds the very purpose and existence of the IPCC and the EPIC man-made-CO2 global warming SCAM.

    Take note of the following map and see how there is a practically perfect match for the pattern that can be seen on NASA’s US surface temperature map for February 2015:

    cooling towers, us, power plants, electric grid, once-through, cooling systems, energy information administration, eia,

    geoengineering, surface temperatures, usa, nasa, map

    As you can clearly see, there is an obvious concentration of once-through cooling systems of power plants in the Eastern part of the US, that is the exact area that is being reported as:

    What is the relevance of this map provided by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA)? (And no, also this is no coincidence!)

    Well, for this we have to simply look at what the effects are of the enormous amounts of water vapor that is released through these power plants their cooling towers in that specific area of the US.

    The steam that is released through these towers, in conjunction with the hyperactivity of the nexrad/doppler radars also located in that exact area of the US, is literally being used to manipulate the weather and thus the local average surface temperature.

    nexrad, doppler, radars, eastern us

    Study at Zion Nuclear Power Plant, Michigan, 1971

    In 1971 the results and recommendations were published of a study done on the impact of cooling towers on the weather in relation to the Zion nuclear facility in Illinois, along the shorelines of Lake Michigan. This is the very revealing excerpt of that study:

    • “Because of ecological considerations, controversy presently exists over the use of Lake Michigan and other natural water bodies for the discharge of waste heat from large electric power plants now under construction or planned for the near future. This problem has become especially acute in the case of a 2200-megawatt nuclear power plant of the Commonwealth Edison Company now nearing completion at Zion, located on Lake Michigan in the northeastern part of the state. This plant was designed for once-through-cooling utilizing lake discharge of the waste heat, but this method of cooling has met opposition from several sources. An alternative method of solving the thermal pollution problem is through the use of large cooling towers which dissipate the huge quantities of waste heat directly into the atmosphere. However, this alternative then raises concern about the environmental consequences of the effluent discharged into the atmosphere from the towers. … Occasional observations of light drizzle or snow attributed to tower effluents have been reported. Also, there have been several reports of tower plumes contributing to cloud formation downwind. … from consideration of atmospheric physics and dynamics, one would expect that any severe weather event resulting from cooling tower effluents would be attained only through a triggering or stimulation effect. That is, the additional heat and/or moisture fed into a developing storm cloud could conceivably produce an imbalance that would result in intensification into a severe weather state. … From climatological observations and cloud physics research it is known that cumulus clouds and rain showers or thunderstorms can be triggered by small inputs of energy. … dry cooling towers present an environmental problem about which little is known. Qualitatively, the large quantities of heat released to the atmosphere from dry cooling towers could produce increases in convection and turbulence and likely initiate or stimulate the development of cumulus clouds. … the natural-draft [cooling towers] would be expected to become involved more readily in cloud and precipitation producing processes in the atmosphere. … it appears quite possible that the cooling tower addition to existing convective clouds might be sufficient occasionally under a favorable set of atmospheric conditions to intensify natural cloud processes, resulting in additional precipitation downwind and possibly other undesirable intensification of naturally occurring weather events. … Comparisons of available estimates of heat produced by the urban areas of St. Louis and Chicago with the heat output from cooling towers associated with a Zion-type plant indicated that the Zion peak output would be approximately 16 percent of the total St. Louis output and 5 percent of the Chicago production. This suggests that the atmospheric heat output at Zion would represent a strong potential for affecting the local weather. … From an examination of the known meteorological characteristics of the lake breeze circulation, it was concluded that its interaction with Zion cooling tower effluents would likely result in additional snowfall under certain synoptic weather conditions. … occasionally would a weather situation exist in which convective storms could be intensified by the lake breeze-tower plume interaction. … the moist plume from an evaporative cooling tower might provide a mechanism (trigger) to enhance organized convection in the form of cumulus clouds and/or intensify precipitation downwind from the plume release point. … The model computations indicated that the tower plume would affect snowfall for a distance of approximately 2 miles inland in the presence of storms with onshore winds, and that the total annual snowfall would be increased 1 to 2 inches within this lake-effect zone. Indications were found that the tower plume could also trigger thunderstorms under certain favorable weather conditions. … estimates of the environmental effects, such as undertaken for the Zion area in this report, must be recognized as speculative to a large extent, and they will remain so until extensive measurement and research programs are carried out to obtain the needed knowledge. The time to do this is now, not in 1980 or later, when the problems (whatever they may be) associated with cooling tower effluents will have increased many times with the rapidly increasing demands for electric power. … Visbisky et al. (1970) using a “cumulus model” estimates a fog risk of 25 hours/year at an airport located 8 miles from two cooling towers at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania. … the use of low-level mechanical-draft towers with forced ejection of waste heat in a rather turbulent state below 100 feet should be avoided where ground fog creates a problem. … Analyses of E G & G (1970) indicate that moist tower plumes can initiate cloud formation. In their studies at Keystone, Pennsylvania,Visbisky et al. (1970) find that tower plumes will contribute to local cloud formations at times in varying degrees, depending upon atmospheric conditions. … Carson (1970) states that the extra heat and water vapor from cooling towers may create cumulus clouds and that the possibility of tower plumes acting as a trigger to produce extra cumulus congestus clouds and precipitation miles downwind of the release must be considered. … However, they did observe that sunshine could be altered in the area, since the visible plume may persist for a number of miles. … the plumes will persist after leveling off and appear downwind as stratus cloud coverage, or merge and reinforce existing cloud coverage. … From climatological observations and cloud physics research it is known that cumulus clouds and rain showers or thunderstorms can be triggered by relatively small inputs of energy. … measurements of cooling-tower plume profiles indicate that humidity increases can be detected for many miles downwind. … severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes can be caused in very unstable weather situations … it may be deduced that the Zion cooling towers could contribute a significant amount of water to small cumulus clouds and showers, and hence contribute to the precipitation rate during periods when such clouds are influenced by the towers.”

    Clearly, all the way back in 1971 it was already known, even though little data was available, that the steam released from cooling towers does have an effect on the weather, locally and on an area tens of miles away from the cooling towers. In addition, it was also assumed back then that through “triggering or stimulation” the impact of the released water vapor could be increased.

    Today, we can confirm that indeed the deliberate extensive use and hyperactivity of nexrad/doppler radars (geoengineering), as explained in the initial report at Truth Sector, is responsible for that “triggering and stimulation,” as mentioned in 1971.

    It is, thus, no coincidence at all that the concentration of power plants with once-through cooling systems (cooling towers) are located in the very area of the US where lower than average surface temperatures have been registered by NASA and where many cities broke their all-time winter lows and set new snowfall records in February of 2015, in stark contrast to the situation in Western US where indeed, as can be concluded from EIA’s map, most power plants do not use the once-through cooling systems and where, as documented in the main report, HAARP-like manipulation of the climate and weather is the cause of the respective results on NASA’s map.

    At this point I should also mention, since it is appropriate now, that also chemtrails can now be regarded as highly favorable vectors for enhancing the weather manipulation, hence their wide-spread us around the world, especially in conjunction with nexrad/doppler radars, if not also in conjunction with HAARP-like installations.

    All of the above makes perfect sense once the greater picture becomes clear to any honest observer and the above information and the initial report once again shred the entire green religion – rendering the United Nations, the IPCC, the Green Climate Fraud (Fund), Greenpeace and the WWF completely obsolete.

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