Fake whistle blower Julian Assange trolls the world over anti Clinton leaks

Fake whistle blower Julian Assange trolls the world over anti Clinton leaks

3 Oct 2016

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange did not release documents he has been touting as material which would destroy Hillary Clinton today at a much publicised event in a move that fits the pattern of a fake whistleblower.

WikiLeaks just punk’d the internet by turning its rumored Clinton reveal into an anniversary event

The really explosive leaks about the Globalists has been appearing on a new website called DC leaks, and not on WikiLeaks.

If a lot of DNC staffers and whistleblowers who leak material to Assange do end up being killed, as Assange himself has admitted on TV, might it not be Assange who is passing on their names and addresses to the Globalists, and then sitting on the material?

Might the US intelligence community not have figured that out and set up their own website to leak material, such as the hacked documents from the George Soros Open Society Foundation?

To be a sugar trap for leakers, Assange’s profile as a whistleblower has been carefully built up by the mainstream media and fake alternative media. He receives material which he either never publishes or only publishes selectively after a long vetting process or at point in time when they are no longer so relevant. And yet, he is never out of the headlines. Even Der Spiegel interviewed him last week.


Assange is hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy because he is wanted for rape chges in Sweden, and not for his whistleblowing activities, but the media spin his stay in the embassy as related to that, sharpening his credentials.

Another fake whistleblower is Edward Snowden. The NSA whistleblower sat on the board of the the Foundation for National Progress, best known as the publisher of Mother Jones magazine, which is backed by several prominent liberal foundations, including the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros.

He was helped by the ultimate insider Glenn Greenwald.

Soros himself has also just signed a petition for Snowden to be pardoned. Soros does not sign petitions for me to get justice in Greece even though I have been able to prove he reads and copies from my blog, albeit making opposite policy recommendations.

It’s also not clear why Snowden is in Russia. He was granted a residency permit and not political asylum in Russia in 2014. But the mainstream media spin his residency permit, granted under normal procedures, such as any foreigner in Russia might have, for example, someone teaching English, into asylum to sharpen his profile as a genuine whistleblower.


NSA Traitor Snowden Sits on Board of Soros-funded Group


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