False Scientists Assure World Men Are Not Going Extinct

Men Aren’t Going Extinct, Scientists Assure World

By Ryan Flinn – Feb 23, 2012

Men aren’t going extinct, scientists assured the world yesterday.

The Y chromosome, the strand of DNA that determines male sex, contained about 800 genes some 200 million years ago. Now, though, it has only 30, leading some scientists to conclude it could disappear altogether, bringing about the end of men.

That’s probably not the case, said Jennifer Hughes, a researcher with the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The number of genes on the chromosome has been stable for at least the past 25 million years, she and her colleagues found in a study reported in the journal Nature.

“Although the Y chromosome did suffer quite a bit over the course of evolution, it seems like what remains of it is not going anywhere,” Hughes said in a telephone interview. “The genes that remain on it have critical biological functions, and that means they are going to survive.”

Hughes and colleagues compared chromosomes of humans to a Rhesus monkey, a species that split from human ancestors 25 million years ago, and that of chimpanzees, which separated 6 million years ago.

The data led them to conclude that the Y chromosome decays quickly at first, then stabilizes and keeps genes important to continuing its existence, she said.


    Do not be so sure my friends especially as the agenda is in the future to have a hermaphrodite race of human beings bred in laboratories that are infertile from day one. Now if you study the impact of radiation you will see that this decreases the masculine populace at conception. The mainstream media tried to report that radiation lowers feminine ratio but this is simply not true. If you study births near radiation zones such as near reactors you will see there’s a serious problem with a lack of masculines being born. Some schools in some areas like this have no boys at all or very little.

    So don’t think for one minute these phony scientists are telling you the truth. Remember a good rule of thumb is whatever the mainstream tell you, then simply reverse this and you have the truth. May I also remind you that the Earth is no older than six thousand years old regardless of quackery and evolution trying to claim otherwise. So tell me how anyone can claim genes are millions of years old? It’s all pie-in-the-sky nonsense like most things these people claim such as the existence of a non-existent hiv virus.

    The Club of Rome have a population reduction agenda, this includes the Uranian agenda which ties in to the feminising of masculines using estrogen riddled foods and water. This is just one stage towards the end hermaphrodite agenda of the future. Notice the mind conditioning with unisex toilets now. Prior to the laboratories taking over all human creation, you will have just a select few humans allowed to breed. This will be thirty percent of the feminines and only five percent of the males. So what do you do with the other ninety five percent of the males? See where I’m going with this? Thats their exact plan my friends.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • loucifer

      “Remember a good rule of thumb is whatever the mainstream tell you, then simply reverse this and you have the truth”

      THEUNHIVEDMIND… You are as good as right on the money there with that comment!

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