Falun Gong Persecution Bad Harbinger for Christians

Falun Gong Persecution Bad Harbinger for Christians

January 4, 2016

left. Jiang Zemin, the main culprit in the persecution of Falun Gong

Sordid History of Illuminati Depravity in China (2) Part One is here

The satanic roots of Chinese Communism go back to Cabalist Judaism
(i.e. the Illuminati, Freemasonry) which controls the West. Their brutal persecution of the Falun Gong, including organ harvesting, for merely believing in God is a bad harbinger for Christians in the West who face increasing persecution from Christ-haters.

The “Tuidang movement” is a Chinese dissident phenomenon that translates literally as “withdraw from the [Communist] party”. It was catalyzed by the publication in 2004 of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” in the Epoch Times (Dajiyuan) which has inspired 220 million people to renounce CCP rule.

Based on this report, these 2 articles outline the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its horrifying mass persecution of Chinese people during its 66 years in power since 1949. In China, it is estimated that at least 60-80 million were murdered. The report includes the party’s history of political repression and its assaults on traditional culture and religion. This is the same satanic Jewish (Cabalist, Masonic) ideology that secretly governs the West. As with the “Red Terror” in Bolshevik Russia, this is the reason we don’t hear about these atrocities.

by “Falun Gong Truth”

The CCP wanted to encourage people to murder people from the “black classes”( (landlords, rich peasants, reactionaries, bad elements, and rightists) during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Nine commentaries: “According to incomplete statistics for Guangxi Province, about 50,000 CCP members engaged in killing. Among them more than 9,000 were admitted into the Party shortly after killing someone, more than 20,000 committed murder after being admitted into the Party, and more than 19,000 other Party members were involved in killing in one way or another.”

Women were encouraged to participate in the violence and were told to dress as men and to wear military uniforms during this time. Violence also became women’s identity, especially because they wanted to escape from a conventional perception of them as passive and gentle, which were all labeled as “bourgeoisie” by Mao.

Mao famously said: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. He also said: “What can Emperor Qin Shi Huang brag about? He only killed 460 Confucian scholars, but we killed 46,000 intellectuals.”

Traditionally, after an emperor was crowned in China, he offered amnesty to everyone but for the CCP they started killing immediately after they came into power. In 1951, Mao recommended that approximately 1/1000 of the total population should be killed, equating around 600 000 people. In his efforts to eradicate all people capable of thinking for themselves, he classified the intellectuals as the worst people of all. As such professors and scholars were sent to remote areas to be “re-educated” by doing farming and labour work under terrible conditions. Countless families and lives were destroyed.

In the Nine Commentaries we can read the following horrific stories showing how the CCP wanted to turn Chinese people into wicked monsters without human nature:

“When recommending the book Enemy Within by Father Raymond J. De Jaegher , former U.S. President Hoover commented that the book exposed the naked terror of communist movements….Teachers led the children to the square from school. The purpose for the gathering was to watch the killing of 13 patriotic young men… The soldier went behind the first victim, quickly raised a big sharp knife and struck downwards, and the first head fell to the ground. Blood sprayed out like a fountain as the head rolled on the ground. The children’s hysterical singing turned into chaotic screaming and crying. The teacher kept the beat, trying to keep the songs going; her bell was heard ringing over and over in the chaos… After that, many communist soldiers came over, cut the victims’ chests open and took out their hearts for a feast. All the brutality was done in front of the children. The children went all pale due to the terror, and some started throwing up…. The children became used to the bloody scenes and numb to the killing; some even started to enjoy the excitement.”

“De Jaegher wrote that a CCP member in Shanxi province invented a terrible torture for people considered enemies of the CCP. He bought huge vats where he boiled people to death. Once there was a father being boiled in front of his son and his skin was peeled off after being bathed in acid and vinegar. The CCP wanted the son to see his father die in excruciating pain while listening to his father´s agonizing screams.”

“The way to kill babies was the most brutal: the killer stepped on one leg of a baby and pulled the other leg, tearing the baby in half.” (Investigation of Daxing Massacre by Yu Luowen)


Even cannibalism was abundant during this period. Writer Zheng Yi, author of the book Scarlet Memorial described the cannibalism….

Zheng Yi writes:

“For example when cutting open a living person, the killers only needed to cut a cross on the victim’s belly, step on his body (if the victim was tied to a tree, the killers would bump his lower abdomen with the knee) and the heart and other organs would just fall out. The head killer was entitled to the heart, liver and genitals while others would take what was left. These grand yet dreadful scenes were adorned with flying flags and slogans…

The third stage was crazed. Cannibalism became a massive widespread movement. In Wuxuan County, like wild dogs eating corpses during an epidemic, people were madly eating other people… The hurricane of “class struggle” blew away any sense of sin and human nature from people’s minds. Cannibalism spread like an epidemic and people enjoyed cannibalistic feasts. Any part of the human body was edible, including the heart, meat, liver, kidneys, elbows, feet, and tendons… During the peak of this movement, even the cafeteria of the highest government organization, Wuxuan County Revolutionary Committee, offered human dishes.”


In 1989, after the students were massacred in Tiananmen Square, the CCP mobilized the army and tanks in order to take control over the people. The number of people killed might have been only a few thousands but the fear instilled in people cannot be underestimated.

(left, Maobama)

In 1992, a new form of Qi Gong was spread in China by Master Li Hongzhi. The difference compared with the other Qi Gong was its deep spiritual content and its focus on virtue and divine belief. Its principles are simple yet profound: “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” and it does not emphasize forms or rituals and has no membership for its followers. Falun Gong does not charge money from its adherents and all the information can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Since it includes belief in traditional values and the divine, the CCP quickly turned against these people.

Many Chinese were attracted to Falun Gong and an investigation by the CCP in 1998 claimed that about 98 percent of the around 70 million practitioners reported better health. A short time later, in 1999, it all changed as the CCP Chairman Jiang Zemin became jealous of Falun Gongs popularity and orderred to “eradicate Falun Gong in three months”. In fact Falun Gong is a completely peaceful and non-violent way of improving one´s mind and body and it has no relationship to politics whatsoever.

Jiang Zemin made Falun Gong the public enemy No 1 in China and started an all-out persecution across the whole country and established a special secret police called 610 in order to persecute and “reform” Falun Gong practitioners. He also staged a “self-immolation hoax” on Tiananamen in 2001 and later spread massive propaganda in China and abroad about Falun Gong being a suicidal cult.

In addition, the CCP later started to kill people for their organs and Falun Gong practitioners were favourite targets because of their strong health and outlaw status in society. To realize the extent of evil you should know that the victims are operated alive in military hospitals without anesthetics, slowly dying under terrible suffering. Many practitioners went to prisons or forced labour camps where the CCP reportedly keeps around 5-7 million people as slaves. The mortality rate is very high considering the terrible living conditions. To this day the public has no idea about the total number of Falun Gong victims but there have been unofficial reports from hospitals in China putting the number of Falun Gong victims between two to six million only by organ harvesting since 1999 – it is happening as we speak. Third Party investigations from outside China place the number of victims around 65.000 between 2000-2008. For those of you who want to help the organ victims please fill in this online petition to the UN.

This ongoing and hidden massacre of spiritual and kindhearted people will become big news in the near future when the CCP will be toppled from power. “What goes around comes around” is a universal principle that will have its effects also in China.

Around the world today there is only one force opposing CCP – it is the Falun Gong practitioners and after 16 years of evil persecution they are still outside the Chinese embassies peacefully protesting day in and day out. As history proved with the 300 years persecution of Christians in the Roman era, no manmade persecution of people with divine belief can ever succeed.


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First Comment by Wil

Henry, this second part reads even more like a Falun Gong PR puff piece than the first part! Yes, human rights have been near non-existent under the CCP. But to claim, as this writer has, that the Falung Gong is the “ONLY” organization ready to heroically challenge the CCP is historically inaccurate, self-serving, and fairly nauseating. Many humanitarian groups – religious and non-sectarian – have been calling out the CCP for DECADES. Long before the existence of the Falun Gong. The FG claim that “tens of millions” of Chinese have renounced the CCP is something that has often been repeated by them but has never been independently verified.

In addition, the Falun Gong are more than willing to portray themselves as the helpless victim, but are we aware of how they are quite aggressive as well? Falun Gong practitioners and their supporters also filed a lawsuit in May 2011 against the technology company Cisco Systems, alleging that the company helped design and implement a surveillance system for the Chinese government to suppress Falun Gong. But the same group was able to take over the CCP’s broadcast systems several times between 2002 and 2003 to dessiminate their message. Where did they get the technical know-how and resources to execute such a campaign, in a country known for their survellance?

Lastly, the last line of the article: “As history proved with the 300 years persecution of Christians in the Roman era, no manmade persecution of people with divine belief can ever succeed” – sounds like the typical myopic self-perception that the FG reveals in their writings. The author writes as if Christian persecution is a bygone era and something foreign to China. He conveniently forgets that the CCP’s persecution of Christians has been as brutal, if not more, and has been going FAR longer – since the beginning of the revolution. It also continues to this day. As a Canadian living in China, I have heard first-hand accounts and reads volumes on the subject. This was happening in a China that was before the current liberalization of the economy and the exposure to Western media. Before the Internet and VPNs. The stories I’ve heard only came to light decades after. The FG should stop presenting itself as the only saviour and champion of human rights in China. They are still a mystery.

Reply from FGT:

You are right that Christianity, Buddhism and many other religions have been persecuted in China and from what I know still the house Christians, uighurs and tibetans are very much persecuted – and I have mentioned something about that in the article too. So we don´t forget them at all. It´s just that Falun Gong is the No 1 enemy of CCP, according to the CCP itself.

The major religions have all been infiltrated by the CCP since the 1950s when the CCP paraded the monks and nuns in the streets and made them worship chairman Mao as being above Buddha, Jesus etc. As soon as CCP comes inside the temples or churches to control the religion it will be doomed. The priests will be come from the CCP, the leaders will come from the CCP. The membership fees will be corrupted by the CCP. Has the CCP broadcasted any self-immolation hoax about other religions in China? Have they offered 2000 yuan to people who disclose Christians in recent years? That is because they don´t pose a great threat to them at this stage.

The difference with Falun Gong is that it is a quite new phenomenon, it has no formal positions, no monks or tangible assets that the CCP can persecute. It has only volunteers and they don´t parade in the streets. This is a major difference from the “CCP controlled religions” of today. The main weapon that CCP has been uisng is a global propaganda machine agains Falun Gong. First the CCP spread some bad rumours about Falun Gong and then the Western media repeated them. TWetsern media has no other information source from China than the CCP´s own news. They will not write good things about Falun Gong either, they are not supporting any religion or spiritual people as we all know…

As for standing up to the CCP, look at the scale of standing up. You say that many organizations stand up against the CCP. Sure there are some organizations and the Tibetans protesting but the scale is extremely minor compared to the Falun Gong protests.

You just asked before how the FG could be so strong with a global media and protests every day around the globe and this time you say many other organizations are protesting, playing down the Falun Gong resistance to CCP.

For at least 15 consecutive years Falun Gong has held parades in New York and California with around 4000-8000 people parading through the city to protest against the CCP persecution and propaganda against them. Does anyone else have these kind of events every year with these numbers of people? Does anyone else sit outside the Chinese Embassies around the globe every day for 15 years during snow, wind and rain? How can they have thousands of Westerners to join them in their protests?

Who else has the power and so many wholeheartedly committed people to muster such enormous protests every year? Nobody has it, it´s just the simple truth. Falun Gong is that strong and it is no coincidence. All of that power comes from genuine faith in the divine and divine justice.
– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2016/01/Illuminati-Depravity-in-China-2.html#sthash.UC5jNETI.dpuf

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