Ferguson removes police chief after damning US Justice Department report

Ferguson removes police chief after damning US Justice Department report

HomeUSSociety Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:14AM

The police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, has been removed from his job after a US Justice Department report alleged widespread racial bias in the city’s police department.

The resignation of Thomas Jackson, which was announced on Wednesday, came a week after the Justice Department announced that a comprehensive inquiry had found a range of unlawful and unconstitutional practices in Ferguson’s courts and policing system.

Several other Ferguson officials have also resigned in wake of the damning report.

The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson came under spotlight after white police officer Darren Wilson killed unarmed black teenager Michel Brown on August 9, 2014, which led to massive Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

The Justice Department report detailed the ways in which the Ferguson police created fear and resentment among African American residents in the Missouri town by disproportionately targeting them with fines, tickets and excessive force.

US Attorney General Eric Holder accused the Ferguson police of creating “a highly toxic environment” in the Missouri town.

In addition, President Barack Obama last week slammed the city’s police for being “systematically biased against African Americans”.

Obama said that the police in Ferguson was “oppressive and abusive”.

He added that the shooting of Brown was not an isolated incident. “What happened in Ferguson is not a complete aberration. It’s not just a onetime thing. It’s something that happens.”

The police killing of Brown and several other unarmed African American men in the United States during the past summer sparked a national debate on race and led to months of street protests across the country over police harassment and mistreatment of minorities.

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