“Syriza has openly tried to bribe and intimidate senior members of the judiciary, shamelessly disregarding the separation of powers,” Aris Hatzis, a Greek law professor, has said to the Financial Times.

Hatzis was referring to a meeting last week between Alexis Tsipras and senior judges, including Supreme Court President Vasiliki Thanou and Chief Prosecutor Xenia Dimitriadou, to discuss raising their statutory retirement age of 67 years, restoring a 25 per cent income tax break as well as increasing their salaries.

It will surely go down as one of the most brazen bribery attempts ever, made in the full spotlight of the media.

Alas, I am pretty sure Tsipras actually succeeded in bribing some of the judges since I have had to exert immense energy to get one inch of progress in my case implicating Tsipras himself in a murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities in Greece in April 2015 as well as an elaborate cover up since designed in such a way as to set me up for a lethal penalty.

Underlining just how important silencing critical journalists is to Tsipras, he tried to reduce the number of private television licences in Greece to just four. Moreover, these four licences were given in an intransparent auction to his crony oligarchs while sidelining the constitutional role of the TV regulator.

But in spite of Tsipras’ smears and pressure, bomb hoaxes and other obstructions, judges yesterday upheld an appeal by six channels facing closure in a few days yesterday, throwing a spanner in the works of the would be dictator and Soros puppet Tsipras.

Telepolis has also noted the authoritarian traits of Tsipras at the weekend party conference of Syriza. Tsipras bullied party members to retract their rejection of his plan to streamline Syriza’s central committee.

The new slimmed down central committee of Syriza now includes, guess what, Tsipras, a cousin Giorgos Tsipras and an older sister Tzanet…

Watch this space. I bet you the next party conference, will see his mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, nephews, nieces, cousins all in the central committee together with the sisters, brothers, grandchildren, uncles and aunts of his crony oligarchs…

Tsipras also invited Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, former minister of the corrupt former minister and George Soros crony George Papandreou to attend the conference and he is rumoured to be planning to give her a post in government to keep the space warm until one of his cousins comes of age, no doubt.

Only joking, Alexis!

Since I can prove this guy reads my blog along with his puppet master George Soros and since this creepy individual keeps trying to kill me, I have to mind my Ps and Qs, dear readers of this blog.

I can just discretely direct you to the evidence in a visual form prepared for the Greek court by clicking on the link below.


That said, on Monday, I am going to ask formally for Tsipras and Soros to be questioned as part of my case if I make it to the court in one piece.

As part of my testimony to the judge at Larisa court, I will also stress I am testifying as the party and not as a witness. (Μάρτυρες )

Or in Greek Παρίσταμαι ως πολιτική αγωγή και καταθέτω ως πολιτική αγωγή.
That sentences has to be in any testimony I sign. I may not speak the local lingo but I can tell the difference between the words πολιτική αγωγή and mάρτυρες. Just about.

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