Five-figure sum donated to UKIP by ex-FTSE chief

Ex-FTSE chief donates five-figure sum to Ukip

The former chief executive of a FTSE 100 company has donated a five-figure sum to Ukip after the party’s City fundraisers two weeks ago.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage visits Eastleigh to canvass with candidate Diane James

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On May 23, Ukip leader Nigel Farage was introduced to potential City supporters at two events. Crispin Odey, the founder of the hedge fund Odey Asset Management, first held a drinks reception at his London office, details of which emerged a week ago.

But The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that later the same evening Mr Farage was the guest of honour at a private dinner at the London flat of spread-betting tycoon Stuart Wheeler, the party’s treasurer.

The 14 guests at the dinner included Lord Willoughby de Broke, one of three Ukip peers in the House of Lords.
Mr Wheeler told this newspaper that Ukip has received several donations as a result of the fundraising events, including two above the threshold of £7,500 that must be declared to the Electoral Commission.

The former chief executive and chairman of a well-known FTSE 100 company, who asked not to be named, said he gave a five-figure sum as an “avid eurosceptic” who believes that “people are now swinging [the party’s] way”.

He said: “Ukip need some financial support to enable them to prove they are a worthy alternative government.”
Entrepreneur Adrian Buckley, who founded Yorkshire-based Buckley Jewellery, donated £20,000 at the end of May – his first “significant” political pledge, after previously making several smaller donations.

Mr Buckley joined the Conservative Party in 1979, but switched to Ukip last year over concerns about the size of the state and the loss of personal liberties.

The donations follow news a week ago that Andy Brough, the Schroders fund manager, has joined the party.

“We are quite close to a tipping point. We have had a lot of interest as a result of the encouraging recent receptions,” Mr Wheeler said.

Lord Kalms, the former chairman of Dixons and one-time Conservative treasurer, revealed a week ago that he has considered bankrolling Ukip. Writing in The Sunday Telegraph today as a signatory to Business for Britain, Lord Kalms says if a referendum on the UK’s future in Europe were held tomorrow, he would vote to leave.

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