Five killed in Malta plane crash

Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:51AM

An airplane believed to have been carrying senior European Union (EU) officials has crashed on the Malta archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, killing five people.

The small military aircraft crashed on Monday during take-off at around 0720 (0520 GMT) at Malta’s International Airport (MIA) near the village of Luqa, near the capital port-city, Valletta.

Sources said that, during take-off and while it was still on the tarmac, the plane suddenly tipped to its right side, and then burst into flames.

Emergency services are on site and flights to and from the airport have been halted. In a statement, the MIA said it will remain closed until further notice.

Mater Dei hospital staffers have meanwhile been placed on major incident mode.

Some of the burning wreckage ended up on the airport perimeter road between Kirkop and Safi, and firefighters are on the scene spraying the area with foam, while looking for possible survivors.

The twin-prop Metroliner plane, capable of carrying around 10 people, had been leased from Luxembourg for use by officials from Frontex, the EU’s border management agency.


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    Who’re these people? Is it Juncker, Tusk and Schulz? If so this may be a MI6 hit due to hard BREXIT negotiations.

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    French citizens killed in surveillance plane crash on Malta

    24 Oct 2016

    Three French defence officials and two other people died when a surveillance plane crashed shortly after take-off at Malta International Airport.

    The light aircraft was setting off on a mission over the Mediterranean around 07:20 (05:20 GMT) when it nose-dived and disintegrated in a ball of flames.

    There was no explosion prior to the crash, according to eyewitnesses.

    Malta said the flight had been part of a French operation to track illicit trafficking of people and drugs.
    An investigation into the causes of the crash is to be conducted by the French defence ministry.

    The airport has re-opened with some disruption expected to the day’s scheduled flights.

    ‘Straight down’

    French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed that three of the victims were ministry staff while the other two were contractors.

    Early reports that the victims had been officials from the EU’s border agency were quickly denied. Frontex said none of its staff had been involved.

    The Maltese government said the flight had been due to return to the island within hours without landing in third countries.

    Eyewitnesses told the Times of Malta the plane had taken off before turning on its side and going “straight down into the ground”.

    Eyewitness Ed de Gaetano said: “Our plane was just about to take off, and there was a massive explosion on the right hand side of the plane.

    “It’s pretty scary, a lot of commotion in the plane and everyone was wondering what was going on.”
    Video shot from another plane at the airport shows flames and thick black smoke billowing from the site of the crash, next to the runway.

    All of the victims’ remains have been found, the Maltese government said.

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