Food for thought on Jerusalem synagogue axe job

Nov 23 2014

Food for thought on Jerusalem synagogue axe job

I initially called it real, but there are considerable inconsistencies for this

Here they are: First of all, at first report, ONE rabbi got killed, One police officer got killed, and both attackers got killed, and there were a few injuries. Other than that, NO ONE GOT KILLED. This was the story at first, PERIOD, and that is all the story was.

Now we have multiple Rabbis killed, three American and one Brit. Dual citizens or what? Why the story drift? Good reason: So that America and Britain will have “suffered an attack” in the Holy land. OOPS, story drift strongly indicates it was pure B.S. from the start.

And why the story drift? Is a real story not just a real story, and with a real story is the truth not all that needs to be told? APPARENTLY NOT.

Inconsistency: Rabbis are very valuable, well paid, and a synagogue typically therefore has only one. A meeting of four would be an outstanding anomaly. Then have all 4 killed by an axe attack? IN A SYNAGOGUE THAT WAS BIG ENOUGH TO DRAW FOUR OF THEM? That would make it HUGE, with MANY MANY PEOPLE, too big of a crowd to attack with an axe and then kill 4 people, let alone Rabbis so I call BULLSHIT.

I guess if it was an ISIS axe attack, everyone would just sit in a line for the attackers and cooperate just like they did in that latest beheading video. And Isis just has that midas touch, where people cooperate with their killings for the ultimate propaganda gold. Outside of the magic of ISIS, I challenge even a samurai to go into a place where no one is tied up and succeed in whacking everyone of a specific type to death with a clumsy axe, while whoever the axe is after can run wherever they want.

A samurai could nail one no doubt, but while one is being nailed, what happens when the rest run? How do you hack a bunch of running people with a clumsy weapon that had a 4 inch maximum effective cross section? What was it? a medeival battle axe with a blade a foot and a half across? What did the attackers do, consult the Klingons? That would make it possible to catch them all, absent that it would border on impossible. Lone gamma ray intersects with the only stray quark in a stadium. The attackers were good at Pokemon I guess.

So now this story stinks to high heaven. The story drift off into the abyss of lunacy and improbability now fits a different puzzle quite well – that of constant deception and false flagging by the tribe.

Dear Jewish community: You had a GREAT lie going with this one. Everyone felt a little sorry for you before you got stupid with it, now it is OBVIOUS it is just yet another lie, at least to those who have more than 15 connected neurons. Is holding your B.S. lies together by vaccinating people against their own intelligence what your medical system is really for?

And now for the kill shot – lots of the bloody photos looked quite real. Good setup job. But one mistake AND:

Well, I am not a blood expert, but I have NEVER seen real blood spread out like this in a fabric. This looks like something oil based was used, where whatever was supposed to be the pigment stayed behind while the carrier spread out in the fabric. Any info on this? Leave it on the Forum.

And a little note to people trying to get the truth out about this, it is not a bloody Torah on the floor (those cost $50,000 and are a scroll,) it is a $25 Siddur on the floor. Report it as a Siddur to help the story spread with knowledgeable people. This is an important point for the false flag aspect, because the Jews would never in a million years desecrate a real Torah for a B.S. false flag.

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