For Generation Z bi-curious same-sex culture is now the normality

The bi-curious generation: How same-sex encounters and fooling around with friends has become the norm for today’s youth, according to BBC documentary

Outnumbered actor Tyger Drew Honey investigated sexuality for BBC
The 18-year-old said it has become more ‘fluid’ for his generation
Survey found half of young Brits say they’re not ‘exclusively’ heterosexual
Connor, 20, admitted kissing his male straight friend was ‘no big deal’
Lauren, 24, has a boyfriend but also enjoys same-sex encounters

PUBLISHED: 11:58, 13 November 2015 | UPDATED: 12:51, 13 November 2015

This generation are far more experimental with their sexuality and more reluctant to put a label on it, according to a new documentary.

The BBC programme investigated how young people are rejecting terms such as ‘gay’, ‘straight’ or even ‘bisexual’ and are far more fluid when it comes to defining themselves and their preferences.

Outnumbered actor Tyger Drew Honey, who defines himself as heterosexual, spoke to young people who said same-sex encounters and fooling around with their friends had become the norm.

In the BBC Three programme Tyger Takes On… How Straight Am I? which aired last night, the 18-year-old said: ‘Sexuality and who we have sex with has always been a major part in defining our identity but it seems for my generation, we don’t care if that happens to be with both boys and girls.’

Twenty-year-old Connor, a student from Brighton, told him: ‘Essentially, if anyone asks I would say I am bisexual as it’s easier but I don’t like to label myself. A lot of people don’t like these identities, you can be so many different things and don’t need to label yourself.’

Connor admitted he is attracted to men as well as women and recently kissed his straight best friend, Matt, on a night out.

‘It wasn’t a big deal because we didn’t make it a big deal,’ he said of their encounter.

Matt added: ‘I love him and I physically expressed that I guess. It doesn’t make me think I am not heterosexual because I was being bi-curious.’

Tyger wondered if Connor was in fact gay and just didn’t want to fully admit it.

But he denied this, explaining: ‘If I was gay I would come out and say I was as it would be easier, you get discrimination from both sides. In the gay community some don’t acknowledge bisexuality and say “he just needs to get a grip and admit he is gay”.’

He added: ‘Where do you draw the line on how much you fancy a guy and how much you fancy a girl? I like girls and guys, I am not sure where I go next.’

Tyger spoke to numerous young people who said they felt the same way and admitted to same sex encounters that didn’t trouble them over their sexuality.

‘I have hooked up with a girl before on a drunken night, nothing serious,’ one straight woman told him.

I don’t see myself as a lesbian or bisexual but I am bi-curious. I would never date a woman but you can’t deny there is something about a really beautiful girl

Another woman admitted: ‘I have been with boys and girls, I don’t define myself as gay or bisexual, it’s just down to whether I like someone.’

‘I have been with girls before, it is totally normal,’ another young woman said.

Meanwhile, a young man revealed: ‘If you snog your mate it doesn’t mean you are gay, you are just having a good time.’

Tyger’s findings reflected the results of a recent YouGov survey that found half of British young people say they are not ‘exclusively’ heterosexual.

The poll asked people to plot themselves on a scale of sexuality, from completely heterosexual to 100 per cent gay.

The results revealed that 23 per cent of British adults choose something other than 100 per cent heterosexual – with the figure rising to 49 per cent among 18 to 24-year-olds.

The actor questioned why his generation are more open to same sex encounters than his parents and turned to his father – former porn star Steve Perry – for his take on the subject.

Steve, 59, admitted that during his time in the porn industry, girl on girl encounters were not unusual and if a man failed to turn up for a shoot, they could go ahead creating an adult film if they still had two female actresses.

But he said in the past, they would never have done this if they had two male actors and a female actress failed to turn up.

He assumed this was because of the stigma attached to homosexuality for his generation.

Steve said: ‘I was 11-years-old before homosexuality was made legal. I spent the first 11 years of my life with people going to jail for being gay.’

He said he is now glad the ‘world has moved on in a good way’ and people are going to experiment. The world is a lot more accepting about those who “swing both ways” as we used to say.’

While women having sexual encounters with other women may not always have been as taboo, it has become even more popular in recent years.

The British Sex Survey found the number of females experimenting with same sex encounters has quadrupled in less than a decade.

The trend has even sparked one sexually-liberated couple to make big bucks by catering for this demand with exclusive international sex parties – one of which Tyger attended.

Organiser Chris Reynolds Gordon, 30, told him: ‘It is the girls who call the shots. It is viewed as a bisexual girl-straight guy parties.’

He said it is mostly couples and bisexual single women who attended his events at upmarket London venues.

His girlfriend, Lauren, 24, is a regular and told Tyger that while she is heterosexual, she often prefers to be with women at the parties.

The model said: ‘I don’t see myself as a lesbian or bisexual but I am bi-curious. I would never date a woman but you can’t deny there is something about a really beautiful girl.

‘Some guys at the party just want a quick kiss, stick it in and go, while the women are better at kissing and touching and being soft and gentle and I have never come across a woman who doesn’t know what she is doing down there so the majority are better.’

She added that she loves her relationship with Chris as she gets the best of both worlds.

She said: ‘I get to have a loving relationship with a guy I love and explore my sexuality and have fun with other people.’

Chris added: ‘It is a good balance, it won’t work for everyone but works for us.’

During the show, Tyger also gets in touch with his feminine said as he learns about the ‘nu-drag’ scene as he is given a makeover to transform himself into a woman.

‘I feel like I am a man but I am going to let the feminine side of me escape,’ he said after he puts on a dress and heels and has a wig and make-up applied.

By the end of filming the documentary, Tyger said he has learnt that sexuality is ‘a lot more fluid and open to change than I previously thought it was’.

He added that while he still considers himself straight, he now doesn’t see why being with a man would be such a big deal.

He said: ‘If you were to say to me three weeks ago think about getting off with a guy I would have said “ewww, why? That’s disgusting” but now I am struggling to see what the problem is. Yes I am attracted to girls but it is just a guy, why can’t people just let go and stop caring.’

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  • theunhivedmind

    It’s very true that todays generation Z are sexually fluid and open about the subject. I said years ago that in the future at least fifty percent of the global population would be homosexual/bisexual. In truth I believe that we’ll have a population made up of around seventy percent who’re now termed bisexual and the figure could be even more with the rest being made up of straight and same-sex attraction only which now is termed as gay. Don’t be surprised if the number of gay people starts to outstrip the number of straight people. You say how can we survive as a species? Well in the initial stages you have to remember there will be children produced by some of the bisexual crowd as well as the minority of heteros but this will soon not be enough. Eventually the plan is for the state to create the children in laboratories and the state will bring up that child in a Communist China kind of way meaning no more family unit (destruction of wealth, ownership, possession and inheritance). The State will now determine the so-called perfect levels of humans needed based on levels at the time, genetic improvements and real-time algorithms controlled by a Watson-like supercomputer. So as you can see in this future world, a being’s sexuality will have very little importance on the breeding or continuation of mankind. Now you can understand that it isn’t all totally about ridding mass humanity off the planet, it’s also about power-players controlling mankind and attempting what some might see as long-term improvements. So considering what is planned then it just doesn’t matter if your natural inner state is no longer suppressed and thus you sleep with beings you like based on their beings not just their gender. The hatred against bi and gay sex has always been based on population needs but as these can be slowed down and mastered then the original dislikes will fade as we’re seeing today. So instead of kicking off instantly from a typical religious or alternative media standpoint then just think to the much bigger picture. I try to look at things from both an outsider and as if I were a so-called elite and thus from both angles try to deduce both the positive and negative sides of the argument. Believe it or not the elite agendas do have some positives even if they’re wrapped up in a lot more negatives. I believe we should remove all the negatives from nature and elite agendas and work with the positives. The negatives of elite agendas are only for their own continuation of control and slavery. If these elites would give up their Zeusian ways then they could help to bring in a real utopia which could occur quickly but alas they’re not interested. An example of what elites could achieve is this new BRICS system which could make positive changes in the world in such a small space of time. You’ll see China achieving things in ten years what the west took two-hundred years to do etc. You just have to start opening up your mind further and looking from much more angles than what just the mainstream or the alternative media give you. Just because you live in system C doesn’t mean A or B was worse or even better and it doesn’t mean that D shouldn’t be better even if it totally goes against your C and thus your thinking. Humanity is unique, we’re not an animal and we have the brain capacity to forward think and think outside the box. If mankind stays in one mindset then we become stagnant.

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