Putin tops Forbes ‘most powerful’ list for 2nd year running

Published time: November 05, 2014 15:58

For the second year running, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named the world’s most powerful person by a panel of Forbes editors.

Forbes says its list isn’t based on political influence, but an evaluation of “hard power” – the use of military and economic means to influence the behavior or interests of other political actors.

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“We insist the people on our list wield the kind of power that shapes and bends the world, and moves people, markets, armies and minds,” the magazine wrote, explaining its choice.

Putin came out top among 17 other heads of state, presiding over a combined GDP of $48 trillion. As reasons for the decision, the editors cite Russia’s acquisition of the Crimean peninsula, management of the international standoff over Ukraine and a $400 billion gas pipeline deal signed with China in May.

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The business bi-weekly painted Russia under Putin’s rule in less than flattering terms, saying the country “looks more and more like an energy-rich, nuclear-tipped rogue state with an undisputed, unpredictable and unaccountable head unconstrained by world opinion in pursuit of its goals.”

US President Barack Obama.(AFP Photo / Brendan Smialowski)

Putin also won the award last year, after successfully managing to broker a deal to rid Syria of its chemical weapons.

These two Forbes awards were not the first time Putin received a qualified accolade from a Western publication.

In 2007, Time Magazine named Putin its “Man of the Year,” describing him as a “steely and determined man” who “emerged as a critical linchpin of the 21st century” and brought Russia back to the world’s focus.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama took the second spot on Forbes’ list for the second consecutive year. Describing a president who has been rattled by the Ebola outbreak and so-called Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria and Iraq, Forbes said Obama “has the power but has been too cautious to fully exercise it.”

The depiction of Obama as the hamstrung head of a hyperpower was used to justify his fall to second place in 2013.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping rounded out the top three, while Pope Francis, who has battled to bring his 1.2 billion member flock on a more liberal path, took the fourth spot.

Away from the world of politics, 39 CEOs whose firms controlled $3.6 billion in annual revenues also made the list. In the world of money and power, 29 billionaires, whose cumulative net value exceeds $790 billion, counted themselves among the world’s most power figures. For 2014, the most powerful people in business are Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who together took the ninth spot.

For a breakdown of how Forbes determines the 72 most powerful people residing over the rest of us,

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  • theunhivedmind

    It is good to see that some people are finally seeing through the smoke and mirrors and realizing that the U.S. Presidency is a lame duck over an insolvent economic nightmare from hell. Putin is one of the truly greatest leaders of all time maybe even thee greatest! Putin has hammered the zionist scumbags like Kagan and the neo-conservatives with ease and will continue to do so. The BRICS bank is solvent and loaded with real gold supplies ready to give the world a part gold-backed credit currency which is fair and just unlike the IMF slavery we have today. So support President Putin and the Russian Federation along with the BRICS bank. Make sure people hear about the battle and the BRICS bank itself. Highlight to people the disinformation campaign against this great man and exactly why. The Promethean era is on its way lets make sure it comes and stays whilst criminals get imprisoned or executed for their treason.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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