Foreign Spy Agencies Target The White House

by Sherman H. Skolnick

The White House has been racked by scandals. So what else is new!

In the forefront of recent disclosures about a spy scandal AT THE WHITE HOUSE has been Insight Magazine. In an apparent exclusive story they say that the FBI super-secret counter-intelligence unit, Division Five, has ostensibly found out that Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, has reportedly penetrated White House communications, phones, Faxes, modems, the works.

Some one at Insight Magazine once called me demanding I divulge my sources to one of my previous stories. [Since I am not the Establishment press, it is deemed okay to look down their nose at me.] They got all puffed up with my loudmouth answer.

“Look, friend, if I want to co-operate with the Korean CIA that owns your publication, Insight Magazine, and their sister magazine, Washington Times, I will deal directly with their spy shop, not you. So Goodbye.” In the years past, my attitude got me thrown out of press conferences by the press whores. “Where is your Secret Service pass, Skolnick? You have no permit to be here.” I never get a chance to explain that the First Amendment permits me to be there.

Since I have openly condemned the Secret Service for historically being complicit in political assassinations from the time of President Lincoln onward, they no doubt would never grant ME a pass to rub elbows with the official pressfakers. What, you say? No one ever told you that the Secret Service has to approve of you or you cannot be a reporter attending an important press conference? Savvy folks understand. The White House has been so penetrated by foreign espionage operations, it is hard to know where to begin.

George Herbert Walker Bush, as President, so much as invited them in. He being a New World Order type and all that. Clinton, as President, met from time to time, in the White House, with Wang Jun, the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. But get this: Wang Jun has been the PRIVATE LAW CLIENT of Kenneth W. Starr, the supposed “Independent” Counsel who claimed to be running after Bill and Hillary for over four years.

Several of Clinton’s hangers-on were found dead who knew too much about all this. [The list is too long to put here.] Clinton reportedly turned over to Wang Jun, and others of the Red Chinese Secret Police, U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. To a sworn enemy of the United States. The classic definition of treason, right? And Starr has reportedly been the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government.

[To get a better handle on this, pull up my series on The Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States.] In previous stories we have mentioned how Rahm Emanuel, by reported strong-arm methods and extortion, got hold of a secret 3 million dollars of federal agency funds to jump-start Clinton’s first campaign for President, late in 1991. Thereafter, off and on for some six years, Rahm Emanuel was Clinton White House Senior Advisor. On a local PBS TV Show in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel bragged in a TV camera shot right inside the White House, that his desk was the closest of any to the Oval Office.

With dual citizenship, U.S. and Israel, Rahm Emanuel is reportedly an important player in the Red Chinese Secret Police washing the massive proceeds of “China White” dope through the Chicago markets, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The Chairman Emeritus of the “Merc” as it is called has been Leo Melamed, who reportedly grew up in the Orient, speaks and understands Chinese. Melamed has been a reputed kingpin in the open secret in Chicago of the Red Chinese Secret Police and the La Salle Street commodity peddlers. As we have told you, also laundered through the Chicago markets reportedly have been the proceeds from the human body parts business. The Red Chinese Gestapo arrests and imprisons young, healthy dissidents. When body parts are ordered by the Rockefeller Hospitals (University of Chicago), the prisoners are condemned to death, beheaded to protect the parts, and the body pieces are shipped to Chicago.

After leaving the White House, Rahm Emanuel became Managing Director of Wasserstein & Perella, with head-quarters in New York and an office in Chicago. They reportedly are the link in clandestine deals with the Red Chinese as supervised by their secret police. Rahm Emanuel reportedly assists the Red Chinese in keeping their armlock on the Chicago markets in commodities and foreign currencies, an open secret.

White House correspondents were and are well aware that the White House communications have been penetrated by foreign intelligence operations. But, to keep their well-paid jobs, they are silent. One White House network reporter is openly known as somehow keeping track of all of the President’s communications, comings and goings, and clandestine meetings. Is this conveyed to foreign “spooks”? Is that person and other reporters actually assets of foreign spy operations? Overseas corporations have an armlock on the U.S. monopoly press. A company reportedly left over from the Nazis, Bertelsmann, reportedly has been actively trying to take-over CBS. To scare them off, CBS radio puts out some early mornings some real news, never repeated during the day. [So you are sleeping and miss it all. Too bad.]

As apparent feed-back from foreign “spooks”, some networks have a “news menu”. The news director of a local network affiliate is allowed to choose which item, hard news or soft, is at the top of the hour. Chicago used to use menu #5, meaning the good stuff was on the air, in the early morning in California, not Chicago.

Quite a few network reporters are assets for America’s Secret Political Police, the FBI and the CIA. They knew all along that the Monica Lewinsky Affair had all the makings of a foreign intelligence operation. Monica was a reputed asset of The Mossad since a teen ager. Her father was from Central America. Both parents are reportedly “sleepers” for The Mossad, put into service, when needed, as needed. Monica and her sex numbers were just part of her bag of tricks. Clinton sent Monica to work in a key position in the Pentagon for which she reportedly was not fully competent. She worked for Kenneth Bacon, Pentagon Public Affairs boss, with the assistance of Linda Tripp who earlier in her career was one of the few women in the highly secret Delta Forces. Monica’s job, as ordered by Clinton? To find out who in the Pentagon was planning a coup against the White House. In the process of her assignment, Monica got pregnant by a Pentagon official and got an abortion.

Reportedly egging on Monica, was Lucianne Goldberg, book agent for O.J. Simpson Affair character Mark Furhman.[That is a story all by itself.] Lucianne’s relative ran the courier service by which Monica reportedly sent secret notes from the Pentagon to Clinton via his Secretary. Remember: the President told Monica that foreign spooks were tapping the White House phones. How is it that Clinton was powerless to do anything? A quick answer: there was so much blackmailing up and back, how do you stop it?

Some of the spy penetration of White House communications ended up with the Russians secret police, successors to the dreaded KGB. Although the Russians on occasion do not get along with the Red Chinese Secret Police, the Te-Wu, they do, if necessary, share secrets. The Moscow gang wanted to be sure that the White House, the Justice Department, and the State Department, did NOT divulge that the bulk of the U.S. and IMF billions of dollars embezzled by the new Russian oligarchs, actually went through large Mexico-based banks with units in the U.S., laundering clandestine and illicit funds through the Chicago markets. Rahm Emanuel’s reputed base of operations. As a George Herbert Walker Bush crony, Bill Clinton needed to protect the money laundering operations of Bush as supervised by Federal Reserve Commissar Greenspan. [Visit my series on the Greenspan/Bush secret bank wire transfer records.]

As a cover up, the monopoly press said two banks [only] in New York were implicated in the Russian gang and their embezzlements. The head of one of such, Republic Natonal Bank, Edmond Safra, was mysteriously murdered while this was boiling. He was an expert on gold. [See my story on Murder in the Gold Market.]

Reportedly implicated with the Bush family, the Russian oligarchs, and the Clinton cover up, in massive embezzlements, has been Grupo Financiero Bancomer, a Mexican bank octopus with U.S. branch units. Bancomer has pleaded guilty to U.S. dope money laundering charges.

Israeli intelligence considers themselves equal-opportunity spies. They get along, on some levels, with the Red Chinese, the French CIA [not lately], the new Russian Gestapo, German Counter-Intelligence in Frankfurt, and others. The Israelis consider themselves an endangered species, always subject to war and possible extinction, Hitler-style.

The Russian mafiya, protected by Clinton, had no trouble in penetrating White House communications. Just the same as they penetrated business in U.S. major cities, Chicago and New York as examples. In Chicago, they are the big speculators in Lake front real estate. With complete impunity, they control the red light districts in the Windy City. They circulate, unchecked and unpunished, a superior quality counterfeit U.S. currency. Tired of a quiet life? Find out about all this and then go tell your local FBI. The Russian mafiya are made up principally of former KGB officers and the FBI is afraid of their bloody, dirty tricks. So, if you tell the FBI, YOU will be tracked and surveilled, NOT the Russian mafiya. Just reality, that is all.

The French CIA plays their role in all this. They are sore about the White House/FBI cover up of the shooting down by missiles of TWA Flight 800, offshore New York, destined for Paris. Sixty French nationals were among those who perished, including 8 operatives of the French CIA. A very top official of the French spy agency, for an unexplained reason, refused to board Flight 800 and went instead on El Al, the Israeli government-sponsored airline. The El Al flight was to have been in the slot taken by Flight 800. Because of a delay, Flight 800 became the target.

The White House and the Justice Department, by blackmail, are keeping the French silent. How? By threatening to prosecute more than a dozen French spies, reportedly stealing top U.S. industrial secrets on U.S. soil. Of late, the French CIA has been unfriendly to The Mossad. The French do not like the current Israeli government bosses.

To be kept in mind is that the Korean CIA, that reportedly finances Insight Magazine and the Washington Times, uses as a front Rev. Sun Myung Moon. According to law enforcement reports, Rev. Moon is part of a huge, international money laundering operation jointly with George Herbert Walker Bush. Washed are the funds skimmed off of U.S. and South Korean contracts for military goods as well as international dope trafficking from the Orient. While the Rev.Moon publications started with The Mossad as penetrating White House communications, the affair actually involves many foreign intelligence agencies, both aiding one another, blackmailing one another and the occupants of the White House. Has everyone forgot the giant scandal of the 1980s, when operatives of the Korean CIA tried to buy a number of key members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate? The Korean CIA is trying to effect the outcome of the year 2000 election. Blaming all the spying on Israel is one way to appeal to bigots who see the tiny nation as a religious opponent. Yes, The Mossad, as other spy agencies, is amoral, on occasion, like the American CIA, using criminals. Rahm Emanuel, a reportedly unpunished criminal, is, in effect, the acting Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America. Apparently two-faced, Rahm Emanuel was both a Clinton loyalist and arranging to finger Clinton. And don’t forget the British. They have to keep an eye on people like the President, past, present, and future. Clinton took an oath to support the Cecil Rhodes Trust that sent him to Oxford. They are pledged to overthrow the U.S. government and return this continent to being a British puppet colony. Of course, that contradicted Clinton’s oath, twice taken, to support the U.S. Constitution. British MI-6 is likewise implicated in penetrating White House communications. Simple explanation: the blackmail business.

In a small way I probably helped the Korean CIA after all. I have been a subscriber to Insight Magazine and the National Weekend Edition of the Washington Times. Hey, with all these spies penetrating the White House communications, I guess it is not safe for any of the White House staff to use the washrooms there. Henry Kissinger had a favorite way to defeat bugging. His super-secret meetings were in the washroom while he repeatedly flushed the toilet. The clever spies nowadays, however, have figured out a way to filter out the flushing-the-john noises.

To old-time spy-watchers, none of this is big news or unusual. To students of blackmail, the White House is a living text book. Stay tuned.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, “Broadsides”, Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no “just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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