Former British Ambassador: Podesta Emails Leaked by Washington Insider, Not Russians

Former British Ambassador: Podesta Emails Leaked by Washington Insider, Not Russians

“You should look to Washington not to Moscow”

Paul Joseph Watson
November 2, 2016

Former British ambassador Craig Murray says he was told that the source of the John Podesta email leak was a Washington insider and not the Russians, as Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to claim.

“The source of these emails and leaks has nothing to do with Russia at all,” Murray told Sputnik. “I discovered what the source was when I attended the Sam Adam’s whistleblower award in Washington. The source of these emails comes from within official circles in Washington DC. You should look to Washington not to Moscow.”

Murray went on to blast the narrative that Wikileaks is a conduit for Russia by asserting that such claims are “designed to divert attention from the content of the material.”

Wikileaks mocked the Clinton campaign’s obsession with conspiracy theories about Russia yesterday with a tweet that read, “No link between Trump & Russia. No link between Assange & Russia. But Podesta & Clinton involved in selling 20% of US uranium to Russia.”

The tweet was in response to a New York Times article which highlighted an FBI investigation that concluded Donald Trump had “no clear link to Russia.”

In a YouTube video that has gone viral, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik claimed that elements within the U.S. government, including the FBI and the CIA, have “initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and Wikileaks in order to stop Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States.

Pieczenik claimed that Assange had released “emails that we gave to him in order to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton.”

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