Former Russian Minister Denounces Cameron: "You Are Threatening Russia with War"

Former Russian Minister Denounces Cameron: “You Are Threatening Russia with War”

August 2, 2014 • 10:24AM

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s war-mongering July 27 London Sunday Times column, and his constant hounding of European leaders for a confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, have gotten a sharp answer from Moscow.

Sergei Stepashin, former Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Justice Minister of Russia during the 1990s, issued an open letter to Cameron published in Russia Today, “You Are Supporting Nazis in Ukraine and Threatening Russia with World War.” It is the most direct attack possible on the British imperial drive for war. The RT’s “capsule” of the letter is: “David Cameron’s article in the Sunday Times, presenting unfounded allegations against Russia, marks a major escalation in the Ukraine crisis, seeking to pull the EU into a war against Russia.”

“It is the first time the leader of a key European country has called for a war against Russia,” Stepashin charges. Against his backdrop, the Ukrainian army launched an operation to annihilate Lugansk and Donetsk, along with their residents.

“It’s déjà vu. Back in 1938, Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister at the time, tried to nudge and cajole European leaders into giving their blessing to the German Nazis’ campaign against the U.S.S.R. Likewise today, the current British Prime Minister unequivocally backs the Ukrainian Nazis, aggressively pushing his European counterparts to ‘fundamentally change our approach to Russia’ [italics in original] and threatening Moscow with a new war.

“This letter is attempt to avert a new world war.”

The remainder is a blistering indictment of British and NATO lying about events in Ukraine, point by point, and of the atrocities being committed by the Kiev authorities against the people living in the Donbass region. “By making these sweeping accusations and fomenting a war, you seem to take upon yourself the right to pit nations against each other … and rule the world through lies and violence. That’s exactly the behavior of your predecessors, Mr. Chamberlain…. They supported Hitler and pushed him towards a war against the U.S.S.R.; they destroyed Iraq on a false pretext of weapons of mass destruction; and they bombed Belgrade. Your crimes have claimed the lives of millions of innocent civilians.”

Former OSCE Official Willy Wimmer Warns: Don’t Trust the Brits, They’ll Sell You Out!

In a new article attacking the sanctions and escalation against Russia, Willy Wimmer, former Vice President of the OSCE’s Parliamentary Assembly, points out that economic warfare is an integral part of Anglo-Saxon world domination schemes, a kind of war without deploying soldiers. They have “regime change hedge funds” for that, and Obama is thinking along their line, it is a big cash cow for the West’s former foreign and defense ministers.

Russia is being attacked because it has vast raw material resources, and it does not matter who is on top in Russia. Any other Russian leader would be attacked just as Putin is, because the West wants control of these raw materials, he warns. The threat of sanctions also goes against German banks, warning them to play nice and go along, and if sanctions get off too slowly, catastrophes like the Maidan or MH17 are being orchestrated to accelerate the entire process.

And those who set any hopes on the Americans, “or, even worse: the Britons,” Wimmer warns, will be sold out—just study the history of the German anti-Nazi resistance movement.

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