Four killed in US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan

Four killed in US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan

Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:4AM GMT

At least four people have been killed in a US assassination drone strike in Afghanistan’s eastern Nuristan Province.

Local government officials said on Monday that the airstrike hit Nuristan’s Mandish village overnight.

According to provincial governor Hafiz Abdul Qayum, the US-led forces in the Wanat Wigal district carried out the attack.

Qayum also said that the victims were all Taliban militants. He added that a commander, Syed Izam, was also among those killed in the attack.

This comes shortly after a similar US strike targeted an area in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province, which killed five people, including another Taliban commander. Six others were also wounded.

The United States regularly uses drones for assassination strikes and spying missions in Afghanistan, as well as in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal belt near the Afghan border.

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