France destroys nuclear talks for Saudi Arms deal

‘France ruins N-talks for Saudi arms deal’

Tue, 12 Nov 2013 18:47:21 GMT

A planned “hefty arms deal” between Saudi Arabia and France was the main reason behind Paris’ disruptive role in the course of nuclear talks between Iran and the six powers, a top Iranian lawmaker says.

“Undoubtedly, the stonewalling by France has its roots in a hefty arms deal with Saudi Arabia,” said member of Majlis Presiding Board Abdolreza Mesri in a Tuesday interview.

The Iranian lawmaker argued that France seeks to curry favor with Saudi Arabia given its dire economic straits, adding, “Therefore, France has become the mouthpiece for the reactionaries and the Zionist regime (Israel) in the course of the recent talks.”
Political observers say France has been the main reason behind the failure of the six countries involved in nuclear negotiations with Iran to reach a possible agreement with Tehran over its nuclear energy program. They add that the European country has been pursuing the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia in the negotiations.

At the beginning of the third day of the nuclear talks in Geneva on Saturday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in an interview that “Israel’s concerns” must be taken into consideration in the course of the negotiations.

Fabius also noted that there is “no certainty” whether Iran and six major world powers will reach an agreement at the current stage of their nuclear negotiations and said there were many questions that still needed to be settled.

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