French Government blasted for comedian ban

French govt. slammed for comedian ban

Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:26:35 GMT

Supporters of the French comic Dieudonné M’bala M’bala have criticized government’s ban on his stand-up show over allegations of “racist and anti-Semitic remarks.”

“They say this country is a democracy, I don’t think we have democracy in France, it is a ‘Jewocracy’. There is only one Jewish person that runs the whole country,” said a supporter of the 47-year-old comedian – better known by his stage name, Dieudonné.

His fans have also hacked three French pro-Israel websites in a coordinated cyber attack.

The attack paralyzed the websites, and – the website of the French Jewish Defense League – and replaced their content with messages of support for Dieudonné.

On January 9, a French appeals court decided to uphold a ban on Dieudonné’s performances. The black man has infuriated the French government for what has been described as anti-Semitic hints in his popular controversial show “The Wall.”

The stand-up comedian has also been grilled over his use of an arm gesture known as the “quenelle,” which is allegedly a salute popular with anti-Semites.

The quenelle involves placing one’s outstretched left palm on one’s right shoulder while pointing downward with one’s right arm.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has termed the gesture “an inverted Nazi salute; an anti-Semitic gesture of hate.”

Dieudonné’s supporters, however, maintain that the quenelle is an anti-establishment expression.

The French comedian has said his show will not continue and that he has to comply with the law despite “blatant political interferences.”

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