French Publication Terms Ukraine a "Time-Bomb," Cites Natalia Vitrenko

French Publication Terms Ukraine a “Time-Bomb,” Cites Natalia Vitrenko

March 1, 2014 • 1:10PM

A French web publication, (Boulevard Voltaire), warned, Friday, that the partition of Ukraine is no longer a vague possibility, and that the consequences of the developments in that direction in this engineered crisis have turned Ukraine into a ticking time-bomb. Boulevard Voltaire reports that the EU’s Catherine Ashton and the State Department’s Victoria Nuland are, for once, in agreement in their claimed concerns about possible Russian influence in the Ukrainian crisis. It also reports that Nuland met publicly with Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok, noting that Washington has “invested” $5 billion in “the development of democratic institutions” in Ukraine.

Boulevard Voltaire reported that in Paris, Natalia Vitrenko, head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, charged that every day for weeks, “the chiefs of the opposition” whose heavily equipped assault troops, with arms looting from several arms depots across the country, were briefed and counseled by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.

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The article also reported that Vitrenko said there were as many as 25,000 armed demonstrators in and around the battle at the Maidan, when Molotov cocktails rained down on the forces of order. Boulevard Voltaire reported that a drone camera verifies this account, by showing a spectacular fire during the two nights that led to the coup, turning the square into something looking like a lava field.

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