French Shop Owner Introduces Separate Opening Hours for Men and Women

French Shop Owner Introduces Separate Opening Hours for Men and Women © Flickr/ Garry Knight

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French Muslim Jean-Baptiste Michalon, who lives in the French city of Bordeaux and runs his own store, has been sentenced to 2 months’ probation and a 500-euro fine after introducing separate opening hours for men and women, German newspaper Rheinische Post reported.

The measure was designed to prevent men and women from doing shopping at the same time, talking to each other or engaging in any other form of interaction.

While men were supposed to do shopping during the week, women were allowed to enter the shop on Saturdays and Sundays.

The owner of the shop that sells food, clothes, books and other things even put a corresponding sign on the window. The sign read that “sisters” can do their shopping on the weekend, while “brothers” are welcome to buy everything they need on the remaining days.

Following the incident, Michalon was accused of discrimination and sentenced to probation by a Bordeax court.
Earlier, German railway company MRB introduced female-only compartments, which are located in the middle of the train near the conductor’s work area.

The proposal caused lively discussion on social networks, with some human rights activists and Internet users viewing the new measure as discriminatory, aimed to isolate travelling women.

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