Fulford – Canadian Parliament is a Nazi Coup D’Etat [Video]

Important information for Canadians and world citizens concerning the recent shooting incident at the Canadian Parliament building.



  • theunhivedmind

    The Canadian Government has been illegitimate since Stephen Harper took over the reigns. Canada is one of the most corrupt and evil lands on planet earth and yet it is ignored and shielded from the eyes of truthseekers. Canada is how and where New Venice (Britain) controls the whole of the America’s region aided by George H.W Scherff aka false Bush of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst intelligence of Nazi continuum based in Dachau, Bavaria. I suggest a lot more focus is needed on families such as the Desmarais in Montreal along with others in the Rupert Land and Golden Mile. Look into the Hudson’s Bay Company and Beaver Club and the connection to the City of London in New Venice (Britain). There is no democracy in Canada it was taken over a long time. I’ve told you that right now there is supposed to be a Republic to be announced in January 2014. Do you not think that if this is true then that parasitic Guelph Queen Elizabeth II (New Doge of New Venice) will not have an event created to aid the quelling of any republic? I told you people supporting real change in Canada calling for Kanata will end up be called domestic terrorists. This event will bring in the draconian legislation and all its fine small print in order to try to suppress the patriotic peoples of that land.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • cando

    is it true the elites hate skateboarding?. And was viewed as one of the biggest threats when it started out.

    • theunhivedmind

      Well to some people the initial question might sound crazy but I guess the elites will get frightened of any individual idea that brings a collective audience which the elite do not control. If the idea has a hint of rebellion inside it then they will try their damned hardest to take control and put that rebellion in the direction they want it to go. I do not know anything about the skateboard scene in the beginning but I could see it as a possibility. Look at the original hiphop and the messages for the black people, muslims and teachings of ancient black history within the music. What happened? The U.S. Government tried to shut the music down to cut the message and thus the empowering of the black people was scuppered. What happened was nothing different to Rome merging into the Roman Catholic Church when Rome couldn’t defeat the Christians it became a false version as we all know by now. Well in hip-hop the record labels came in with all the money bought everything up and then almost completed destroyed the message behind the music and lifestyle. To learn more on hip-hop and the powers-at-be look up BlackDot and Professor Griff. Everything you do and think has to be decided by the Venetian Arsenal and then it goes through various forks before it is then implemented utilizing media and other sources. If something is thought up by the people themselves the idea is monitored and if its catching on then the Arsenal and forks will look into bringing it within their agenda. The Black International fear any group of humans who they do not know or control. This is why the system of the British Constitutional Group is good because then there is no head people in the organization for New Venice agents to infiltrate and divide and conquer.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • keenly

    Prince Lelio ORSINI d’aragona is the son of Princess Ketevan Bagration of Mukhrani of the former Georgian royal family.




    I am sure you will find this interesting. I really look forward to you thoughts on this.

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