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7 10 2016

Cost new York newspaper The Wall Street Journal to put an article citing an anonymous source that the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel of the CDU consider the introduction against Moscow of new sanctions over Syria, as some prominent Christian democratic politicians ran a race to demonstrate their loyalty to the United States.

Rumors that the CDU, which has ruled Germany in Alliance with the Bavarian CSU and the social Democrats (SPD), traditionally in favour of closer relations with Russia, discussed the prospects of introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions, and went earlier. But such intentions are publicly refuted, especially as is practical. The appearance of one blessing to this article in an American newspaper made the change right there: the secret is out.
The head of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag and CDU member Norbert Roetgen immediately had openly called for sanctions against Russia for its policy in Syria.

“The lack of consequences and sanctions in the conditions of serious war crimes would be a scandal,” he said in an interview with the openly Pro-American newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Norbert Roetgen

The Roetgen acknowledged that the new restrictive measures against Moscow can act only in the long term and that, therefore, Germany will have to live with them for a long time. He also accused other EU countries who are “unwilling to call a spade a spade” and therefore shy away from decisive action against Russia.

In his view, Russia in any case “bears the political responsibility for this war, this catastrophe, because without Russian military support, no bombing Syria’s President Assad would have long been defeated.”

The Sochi immediately began to sing with MEP Elmar Brok, also proposed to strengthen economic pressure on Russia over Moscow’s policy in Syria. An opinion he expressed today on air of TV channel ARD.

“We must continue to exert pressure on Russia through economic sanctions”, – said Brock, who offered earlier to arm Ukraine against Russia and the other taken from an American crib anti-Russian intrigues.

This figure of the CDU demanded the right to deprive Russia access to Western technology that can be used in the military sphere, “as was done during the cold war”. The MEP has even offered to save entrenched in Aleppo of the terrorists with the help of the ground operation, which, in his opinion, is the only way to prevent the capture of the Northern capital of Syria government troops.

“But who in Germany is ready to send the Bundeswehr?” – asked a rhetorical question Brock, actually regretting that the Germans will not be possible to make war with the Syrians and the Russian for the interests of the United States and those loyal to them terrorist groups. Of course, under the pretext of protecting the Syrian civilian population, allegedly dying from Russian bombs and dying of starvation.

Elmar Brok

The Commissioner of the German government for relations with Russia Gernot Erler (CDU) in an interview with ZDF very carefully confirmed that in government circles are thinking about the possibility of imposing sanctions for Syria, which, however, proved impractical in the case of Ukraine and this perspective is therefore, in his opinion, is not inspiring. But all this was before the publication in the WSJ. Let’s see what he has to say now.

In principle, it is possible already and not to wait. Everything he said today the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert: the government is sympathetic to the suggested proposals on the introduction of additional sanctions against Russia because of the bombing of Aleppo.

“In light of the truly appalling situation in Aleppo, for which soon there will be no words, and the incessant escalation of violence in Syria, continued reports of war crimes and suffering of civilians, we understand that it may be considered various options of action,”he said, Seibert “Deutsche Welle” (DW). It is written very carefully, but still it is position. Here are just whose?

The CDU has ruled the Germany one

And this really should not be forgotten. Her Bavarian “daughter” CSU wants a speedy end to the old sanctions and is clearly horrified by the prospect of the emergence of new. Its leader and Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer periodically travels to Moscow, where he met with Russian leaders and lobbying for the interests of the Bavarian business.

He is constantly complaining that anti-Russian sanctions and their consequences have an extremely negative impact on the economy of Bavaria, which, according to him, they “strongly affected”, especially its agricultural and food sectors. They threaten the Bavarian business interests in Russia and in any other way: the German entrepreneurs working on the Russian market, largely represented by the Bavarian firms.
Horst Seehofer

In addition, before the American desire for German sanctions against Russia will be able to begin to take some shape, the CDU will need to convince of the need for this SPD. Therefore, the current anti-Russian campaign directly aimed not so much against Moscow as a form of pressure on the social Democrats, who are extremely burdened by the sanctions restrictions.

They propose to begin to undo them as the implementation of the Minsk agreements, while insisting that Kiev must not shy away from participation in the peace process. So, the leaders of the SPD Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier are not supporters continue anti-Russian sanctions, including over Syria, and advocate for a phasing out those that were imposed in connection with Ukraine. And they will not be easy to persuade to support another anti-Russian initiative of the CDU.

But in the Bundestag and land parliaments and even some regional governments have also the representatives of the Left party, former Communists, whose electoral base is in the former East Germany, where people are much better than in West Germany, understand the goals and objectives of Russian foreign policy and much to a greater extent than in Western Germany, in solidarity with them.

Categorically against any sanctions on Russia and is rapidly gaining momentum in the country, “Alternative for Germany” (ADH). This right and truly conservative party were not there a few years ago, and now it is ahead of regional elections, the CDU and will have the largest faction in the Bundestag after the parliamentary elections of 2017.

In this party was going to realists, who see all and tell it like it is, and no illusions. There are well aware that the policy of modern Germany is formulated not in Berlin, but in Washington, and intend to gradually change.

In conversation with Constantinople the Deputy of the Saxon Parliament from the party of jörg urban the ratio of ADG to the United States has expressed so: “It is quite complex, because the States is our partner. But we see especially clearly in recent years that Germany is increasingly dependent on America. It’s bad. Our foreign policy is not done in Germany, the fate of our country is decided in Washington. We have to be free, yet may be within NATO. If this is not possible, in the future, maybe in and out of NATO.”

“The anti-Russian sanctions must be lifted. They turned against us and have negative consequences for the economy. Russia is one of the key partners of Baden-württemberg, trade relations should not be reduced”, – said the Deputy of Parliament from the ADH of this Federal land Udo Stein.

This means that a significant part of the German people and even the political class deny – explicitly or implicitly – to support the idea of the hawks CDU to impose new sanctions against Russia, especially over Syria, no matter how much Pro-American newspaper “Bild” wrote on the “Holocaust” in Aleppo.

It seems that the most important allies of the CDU about new sanctions against Russia will be “green”, which already gave it to understand. But this party was created actually in support of the establishment under the environmental camouflage, so it is not surprising.

Even in the CDU, there is no consensus about anti-Russian sanctions

Indeed, they are opposed by some of the premiere German lands, representing the CDU, in particular, the head of Saxony, Stanislav Tillich. It stands for “a speedy end to economic sanctions in relations with Russia” and hoped that “dialogue with Russia will be resumed, and political issues on which points of view differ, clearer and will be settled”. Tillich believes that Russia is an important trading partner of Germany, which “we must not lose in the long run”.

The foreign policy expert of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag Karl-Georg Wellman said “Deutsche Welle”, which in the case of Syria, the sanctions will change nothing, at least for the better. He warned that “will be worse” and “it is not necessary to drive Putin into a corner”.

Famous German specialist in Russia, Professor Hans-Henning schröder in an interview with the same publication noted that, too, is skeptical about the idea of new sanctions against Russia, including for formal reasons: to “punish” Russia for Syria requires a UN decision, it will not.

What we have in the dry residue?

USA, who do not hurry to enter from Syria new anti-Russian sanctions, fearing damage to other, beneficial areas of cooperation with Russia, they want their most loyal allies began to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. The largest Pro-American country in the European Union is marcelinska Germany, which is soon Britain will be exclusively in charge of this flawed American project.

A significant part of the ruling class of Germany, closely associated with US through different channels, still not even imagine a situation in which it is possible to disobey Washington. In a perverted form appears German discipline. And these forces, grouped mainly around the CDU, began to act, first behind the scenes, and after “tips” WSJ – is clearly, knowing that it is not only the signal, but a direct order.

Their goal is to increase pressure on partners in the ruling coalition and try to convince with the help of the controlled media the German public that Russia should introduce new sanctions. At the same time there is an attempt to exert pressure on Moscow and put together on the basis of opposition to Russia’s policy in Syria new situational anti-Russian Alliance, which was devoted to the recent meeting in Berlin at the level of policydirector of foreign Affairs of the USA, Germany, France, Britain and Italy.

In other words, the process is started, but its success is not guaranteed, because Germany itself is gradually changing, since unanimity on this issue even in the CDU, and most other political forces are very cool. And the US is that in the next few months will be reversed due to the election, mostly inward, hardly able to push in these conditions currently favorable, but is so obviously disadvantageous for others the decision on Syria.

So Merkel is and waits. That all of this happens, will tell much about the political landscape in Germany and what can you expect Moscow, building of relations with this country under its current government.+

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