“Future-Proofing Your Portfolio With Gold” – Herbert & Keiser Interview Skoyles

“Future-Proofing Your Portfolio With Gold” – Herbert & Keiser Interview Skoyles

By Mark O’Byrne October 26, 2016 0 Comments

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have interviewed Jan Skoyles to discuss how gold is the “Kardashian of Commodities” and “future-proofing your portfolio with gold”.

Topics covered are

    Double Down asks Jan Skoyles, of Goldcore.com, if there is enough gold in the world to hedge against a President Trump

    U.S. Election – Trump and Clinton most hated Presidential candidates in history

    Goldman Sachs says that gold is a ‘good hedge against politicians’

    Skoyles says that, in the West, gold is considered ‘the Kardashian of commodities,’ something not taken seriously as an investment — until the likes of Goldman Sachs says it might be so

    Dubai and Middle East is “environment where people automatically understand gold”

    Gold reaching new highs in Russian rubles and South African rand and close to new highs in pounds sterling

    UK media do not cover gold and gold price in sterling so people do not understand

    Keiser and Herbert point out how gold has value because people believe it has value

    BBC Newsnight studio has “religious moment” when people are drawn to gold bullion

    How gold will protect from bail-ins

    The importance of having outright legal owership and being able to take delivery of individual coins and bars

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