Gay Reparative Therapy “Saved My Life”

Gay Reparative Therapy “Saved My Life”

By wmw_admin on June 10, 2015
by Henry Makow Ph.D — June 9, 2015

In the above video, David Pickup describes how he developed homosexual feelings after being sexually abused as a child and later as a youth. He was able to “save his life” by getting therapy which has been banned in California, Oregon and New Jersey. It has just been banned in Ontario, and faces bans in some other jurisdictions.

“There’s absolutely no room in an inclusive society for trying to change somebody’s sexual identity or their gender expression or their gender identity,” the law’s sponsor, Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo, told the Toronto Star.

This is ironic since the government agenda is to change the gender identity of heterosexuals and to make homosexuality the new norm.


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