GENOCIDE BY DECEPTION – Global adoption of veganism could save 8 million lives

Global adoption of veganism could save 8 million lives


Global adoption of a vegan diet would save more than eight million lives by 2050 and reduce greenhouse emissions by two thirds, according to new research from Oxford University.

A team from the Oxford Martin School, who outlined their findings in a study published in the Proceedings of National Academy Sciences, also claimed that cutting down on meat could lead to global savings of £1.5 trillion in climate-related damages.

The team modelled four “dietary scenarios” — one based on current consumption habits, one based on guidelines for the “correct” amount of fruit and vegetables, a vegetarian scenario and a vegan scenario. They found that diets with heavily reduced meat consumption had the biggest impact.

According to the researchers, global adoption of meat-free or meat-reduced diets could:

Avoid 5.1 million deaths by 2050, a number that goes up to 7.3 million for a vegetarian diet and 8.1 million for a vegan diet

Reduce greenhouse gases by two thirds

Cut food related emissions by 29 percent — 63 percent for a vegetarian diet and 70 percent for a vegan diet

Help save around £500 million in healthcare, unpaid informal care and lost working days.

Lead researcher Marco Springmann said that what we eat “greatly influences our personal health and the global environment”. He suggested that diets containing a poor ratio of vegetables to meat were responsible for “the greatest health burden globally”

“At the same time the food system is also responsible for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore a major driver of climate change,” he said.

While putting a “dollar value on good health and the environment is a sensitive issue”, Springmann suggested that the results indicated how “dietary changes could have large benefits to society”.

“The value of those benefits makes a strong case for increased public and private spending on programmes aimed to achieve healthier and more environmentally sustainable diets,” he said.

Other studies have had similar findings. In 2012, researchers from the University of Exeter found that cutting global meat consumption in half could “significantly lower carbon dioxide levels”.

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  • theunhivedmind

    What did I tell you all those years ago? I warned you that veganism would become the normality amongst the goyim aka the herd. One of the organizations behind this genocide through diet and climate scam is none other than Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. One of the biggest names behind this plan is a New Venice Freemason by the name of Elizabeth Kucinich (British) who’s a member of the Freemasonic lodge called the Worshipful Company of Coopers based in the ancient city of Londinium (New Jerusalem) in New Venice (Britain). Elizabeth Kucinich is the New Venice agent who’s the personal handler of controlled-opposition Dennis Kucinich. Take a look at Elizabeth’s Gardenbar business and other ventures since her PCRM days. Now I ask you what would a young pretty woman want with a being like Dennis Kucinich? She’s assigned by New Venice to handle the controlled-opposition moves of Dennis Kucinich making sure there’s diversion games and of course no potential negatives for the New Venice Empire. The House of Windsor that currently is the New Doge of New Venice has signed off on Venetian Arsenal originated genocide plans which have been disguised as green policies for the favour of both mankind and the Earth. In reality these plans and the climate scam is designed to remove fifty percent of all global human population from Earth thus death by 2050 and then a further reduction is demanded of thirty-five percent of the survivors by 2100. The ideal of guising the plans by using green policies is so the goyim aka herd will accept their own demise through acceptance of false experts claiming to be scientific genius not to mention the degeneration of the populaces utilizing the plans of Bertrand Russell (highly admired by the Jesuit Order) of New Venice. Veganism may suit one out of five human beings but the other four could suffer chronic illness maybe even death over time if they try this dietary advise. William Donald Kelley mastered the knowledge of eating right for your blood type a long time before others cottoned onto the idea. Many people who’re vegan soon enough end up suffering from chronic illness! I was a vegan for a decade and quit to become a meat eater and I noticed immediate positive changes when I went back onto meats. Please don’t be fooled by charlatans, Freemasons/New Venice agents and instead listen to people who’re independent, experienced as well as nature. Do you see any true Traditional Chinese Doctor telling their patients to stop eating meat? No! My Chinese doctor went ballistic when she knew what I’d been doing for years and it’s thanks to her, TCM and prior teachings from another former vegan that I managed to reverse my veganism brainwashing. Veganism is another way for Malthusians of New Venice to brainwash the herd into causing their own demise whilst making it difficult for anyone else to de-program the victim’s own demise.

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