• This two-faced Roman Catholic cretin is the same one who promoted Obama and denied me off his show as I was about to explain Obama’s Chicago mafia connections. He then proceeded to call me a cuckoo and in need of the white coats. Incidentally I was proven right but well I never got an apology off this cretin. Ron Paul is bad for the U.S? Yes this is cryptic because the U.S. is corporation and since 1933 has it has been under Admiralty, this is not America the nation of land. So yes Ron Paul would be a danger to the United States as he would get rid of the demonic corporation and remove this puppet of The Worshipful Company of Mercers for payment of the Charter of the Virginia Company of London debts which have been paid off in full for many years now. This is the whole reason why Jesuit controlled Sir Roundell Palmer signed off the death warrant of President Lincoln. Yes Lincoln made the corporation but it was to be temporary just until the debts of the London Company had been paid. This was patriotic as it was the only possible way of paying the debt back without giving up American land. He was executed to keep the corporation alive. Why? When the united States of America became a corporation all of America’s foundings were removed also such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is why they constantly ignore these rulings to this day since 1868 when the full takeover came by way of the 14th Amendment unHoly Roman U.S Empire of Washington D.C. a Catholic land run by Georgetown University to this very day. So now you can see how by using words one can sound strange when in fact they’re telling the truth but you simple don’t know it. Its like if a leader was to say the 48 States of the Union in a modern day address he’d be laughed at. Why? The people who’ve been turned into corporate vessels by the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 at the Crown Bar, haven’t been taught that the true the united States of America only has 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii are not true states of the Republic, never was and never will be. Galloway says something very lacking in knowledge and thats how he says U.S. people. Theres no such thing as U.S. people these are dead souls used as vessel corporations under Admiralty Law, the people are now mere chattel property of the corporation and have been since 1933. Now note Galloway’s attack on ultra capitalism forgetting capitalism built our great nations. Galloway is controlled by the Roman Empire, he’s a Roman Catholic who serves the Pope well in his deception and the Pope’s Temporal Power. Galloway doesn’t want the people to remember the live their ancestors had under the Papal Dark Ages. Now we’re going straight back there and Galloway is part of the problem. Its time people switched off this clown who tries to make out he’s opposition when in fact he’s more up the arse of those who he claims not to be, than you’ll ever imagine. The Common Purpose mind-reframed BBC have done everything in their power to cut out Ron Paul from their media broadcasts of this Election controlled by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst intelligence agency via its U.S. haead for the last 34 years named George H.W Bush who’s a Knight of Malta serving the Papacy. No different to Jeb Bush who’s a 4th degree Knight of Columbus who kneels and kisses the Pope’s ring like all these cretins today.

    -=The Unhived Mind







    Protesters delay debate by Holocaust-denier David Irving and BNP leader Nick Griffin at Oxford

    Last updated at 01:08am on 27th November 2007

    A group of protesters broke through the security cordon and forced their way into the Oxford Union last night, throwing a planned talk by BNP leader Nick Griffin and controversial historian David Irving into disarray.

    After pushing and shoving their way through the doors into the hall at 8.45pm they staged a sit down protest at the debating table.

    Scuffles erupted as the protesters tried to get into the building which had been surrounded by tight security ahead of the event.

    Earlier, hundreds of noisy protesters surrounded the Oxford Union.

    The Oxford Union has been under significant pressure to cancel the freedom of speech event at which the two are guest speakers.

    Chanting, waving placards and singing, the crowd that gathered to object to their presence at the debating society was considerably larger than the handful of students inside the Union.

    The rally organisers, including Unite Against Fascism and Oxford-based community groups, had hoped at least 1,000 people would turn up in their support. But estimates put the crowd numbers at closer to 500.

    Those arriving for the event had to get past heavy security and faced jeers of “shame on you”.

    The debate was “temporarily postponed” when police moved in to remove the protestors, before it finally started at 10pm, with speakers split into two groups for safety.

    It was considered by university authorities to be too dangerous to walk Mr Griffin and Mr Irving across the quadrangle between the main Union building and the debating hall.

    Instead Mr Irving spoke alongside broadcaster and author Anne Atkins and Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris in the debating hall while Mr Griffin was among debaters speaking in the main Union building.

    The decision to invite Griffin and Irving, made after a vote among members of the debating society, has outraged equalities watchdog chief Trevor Phillips and prompted a senior Tory MP to resign his life membership of the Union.

    Shadow defence minister Julian Lewis said the students should be “ashamed” of themselves.

    In a letter to the Union’s officers and standing committee, Dr Lewis, MP for New Forest East, said he was resigning his life membership “with great sadness”.

    In his resignation letter, he said: “Nothing which happens in the debate can possibly offset the boost you are giving to a couple of scoundrels who can put up with anything except being ignored.”

    The presence of the pair on the list of speakers prompted a series of high profile withdrawals from the platform, including Defence Secretary Des Browne.

    Martin McCluskey, president of the Oxford Student Union, said it was “disgraceful” the pair were being given the same platform as past speakers who include Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama.

    Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris, who is billed to speak at the event, said banning Mr Griffin and Mr Irving would risk turning “bigots into martyrs”.

    The Oxford Union Debating Society is a separate body from the Oxford University Student’s Union and the university. It has said it was important to give people of all views a platform.

    Mr Griffin, who was convicted in 1998 for incitement to racial hatred for material denying the Holocaust, has repeatedly insisted the BNP is not a racist group.

    Mr Irving has insisted he was not a Holocaust denier – despite spending three years in prison in Austria for the crime.

    On Monday, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she “thoroughly deplores” their views.

    But Ms Smith, an Oxford graduate, said it was up to the debating society to make its own decision about allowing Irving and Griffin to attend the freedom of speech event.

    “They have been exposed and discredited time and again by people vastly more qualified than you in arenas hugely more suited to the task than an undergraduate talking-shop, however venerable.”

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