EU plans end of all cash by 2018, spells end of all freedom and resistance to Globalists

April 2, 2015

The cashless society is a means to allow the bankers and the Globalists total control over every person and whole financial systems, which can be hacked, manipulated, crashed. What future does Europe have with such incompetent and corrupt politicians, who want more and more power, more and more control to get away with ever more outrageous crimes?

Without cash no freedom


The cashless society is by no means a desirable vision of the future, but the expression of a complete runaway claim to power the political and financial class. In a monetary system like ours is cash and whose attitude is an essential part of individual freedom.

By Dagmar Metzger and Steffen Schäfer, Liberal Union

“Cash is king” knows the vernacular and is thus contrary to a big trend in the Western Hemisphere, especially in European countries. Italy and Greece have cash transactions have long been severely restricted. In Sweden, the cashless society is almost a reality. The private banks are playing happily with, such as HSBC refused its customers in London cash payments if the could not explain or wanted, for what purpose they would need for the cash. Now to be applied to the already highly restricted cash transactions other chains in France.

From September Cash payments are only up to 1,000 euros possible. Entries may only be continued, who leads a maximum of 10,000 euros cash with you – which the French probably even shoot yourself in the foot and now keep even the last affluent tourists and -freudigen of the Côte d’Azur. But well, with Russian oligarch one wants to actually have nothing to do anyway.

Ordinary French citizens should the ban anyway hardly meet, which is why the criticism holds also limited. To efficiently and effectively were not alone, the government years of the socialist Holland, his predecessor and seemingly possible successor Sarkozy has rendered outstanding services to the strong economies down the Grand nation. French, who could still carry around with a light hand thick bundles of cash in the area, are in any case become rare – contentious multi-millionaires like the actor Depardieu chose the opposite way of the oligarchs and contributed their money to Russia. For the rest of the short distance to Belgium was sufficient.

If only because of the reduced number of victims of the French finance minister would actually can do without any justification. Nevertheless, he did it anyway and finished in passing, that there is a lack France not only to competitiveness and money, but also to innovation and imagination – once again had to serve the two conceivable unoriginellsten and altbackensten arguments that you look at and the circumcision of civil rights freedoms can only imagine: terrorism and tax evasion.

Of course this is as ridiculous as absurd. International terrorism is financed by an equally international and informal network. Large cash transfers are not necessary, and certainly not the rule. The situation is similar in the case of tax evasion. Dark figures, the midnight sneak dressed with large briefcases full of cash in trench coats secretly across national borders and so deceive the public purse to his share, it is only in the imagination third-rate thriller writers and in the world of thought just such financial politicians.

Who today wants to avoid taxes, especially when it comes to really large sums that can do this with legal constructs as simple as punishment. If it is from the person concerned an international conglomerate, all it takes is likely to remain a call to the Luxembourg government to control the worry to be going fast. If not, you may jump Monaco, Gibraltar, the Channel Islands or Ireland, and should all else fails, there’s on the other side of the pond still Delaware.

No, the real reason for the struggle of the political class against the cash are of course elsewhere. Firstly, the self-called ghosts: In times of negative interest rates you can put your money just as well under the pillow. There is also probably even safer, considering all the bad loans on the balance sheets of the big banks – savings in the account are finally “gezypert” quickly. But if too many people begin to think and act, get the big banks a problem. Finally, one can draw the Teilreserve- banking system (Giral-) money almost out of thin air, but only almost.
A small foundation real capital is needed after all. If this is now reduced by capital deductions of customers, then the house of cards of unsecured loans and financing windy fall quickly falter. The shrinking the money supply is the nightmare of choice for politicians and bankers.

Also that the citizens of asset depreciation by negative interest rates combined with a gradual loss of purchasing power by holding cash or an exchange then anonymously made it in gold or other property can at least partly beyond, is also not very welcome. The abolition of cash pushes this lack of solidarity, and even unpatriotic escape quickly and permanently from a stop.

Another very nice benefit – at least for those in power – is the associated with the end of the cash in full control of the citizens. Every small edition of them can be monitored and used when in doubt against them.
Even if politicians, economists and bankers Star suggest this – the cashless society is by no means a desirable vision of the future, but the expression of a complete runaway claim to power the political and financial class. In a monetary system like ours is cash and whose attitude is an essential part of individual freedom.

While it is not unlikely that would decide without legal tender and the need to accept them many people against it (papery) cash in a competitive money system. But then they do it voluntarily and the basis of individual rational benefit calculations. In addition, they have every time the opportunity to reconsider its decision and possibly revise – and that is the whole difference between freedom and totalitarianism.

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