Green Party Cheri Honkala vs. Republican Joshua West, Democrat Jewell Williams Snubs Debate [Video]

On October 24, 2011 by admin

National homeless organizer and Philadelphia Green Party Sheriff candidate Cheri Honkala debated against Republican Joshua West. Cheri is running on a zero evictions platform and is America’s only Occupy candidate. When she’s elected she will refuse to throw men, women, and children out of their homes. She will let them OCCUPY their HOMES! Her status quo Democratic opponent Jewell Williams snubbed the debate.

Joshua spoke about law and order and his military experience in Bosnia. He talked about gaining the trust of the officers and going after street criminals. He also spoke about stream lining the Sheriff sale process and even suggested using Ebay to auction of families homes.

Cheri contrasted this by speaking about a higher law. One that says human beings are more valuable than the banks and corporations. Cheri talked about regaining the trust of Philadelphians and going after the real criminals, the banks that have been dropping bombs in our neighborhoods and leaving 40,000 abandoned properties.

The event was held on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 and organized by Philadelphians for Ethical Leadership and was held at the Veteran Boxing Association Hall.

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