Growing Signs of Wall Street-London Desperation

Growing Signs of Wall Street-London Desperation

9 Jan 2015

The danger of general war—thermonuclear war—against Russia, coming from the Wall Street-City of London looming bankruptcy blowout, is clearly driving desperate actions from throughout that oligarchical apparatus. This has been reflected in the past 24 hours on both the financial and strategic warfare fronts.

First and foremost was the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. This is a harbinger of further terrorist attacks of this nature, Lyndon LaRouche warned on Thursday.

“This is coming from London, and is part of the British drive for war. Their policy is massive population reduction, and the strategic deployment of terrorist assets must be understood in this context.”

LaRouche warned that the British will play both sides of the Islam/anti-Islam orchestration.

“Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the specific label,” LaRouche asserted. “This will require some very serious and competent intelligence work to defeat this looming assault.”

LaRouche added that the Paris attacks must be seen as a warning of similar actions that will erupt elsewhere. He continued,

“Do not underestimate the importance of the press conference on Capitol Hill on Wednesday by Sen. Bob Graham and current Reps. Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch with the 9/11 families. They nailed the Saudi—really Anglo-Saudi top-down hand behind all serious global terrorism. This is a very significant expose of the top-down nature of the real terrorist threat.”

Indeed, evidence is already coming to the surface, indicating a clear British hand behind the terrorist attacks in Paris. On Thursday night, the Daily Telegraph revealed clear links between one of the Paris attackers and Abu Hamza, a longtime jihad recruiter based out of the Finsbury Park Mosque in London. Abu Hamza was convicted in a US Federal Court last year of terrorism sponsorship, but in his trial, his defense was that he was working on behalf of MI5, Britain’s equivalent of the FBI.

The same desperation driving the new wave of 9/11-style terrorism is also driving Congressional Republican leaders to bend to Wall Street’s demands for immediate guarantees of unlimited taxpayer bailout of their totally bankrupt financial bubble. At the same time, they are also, as Lyndon LaRouche warned, pressing for vicious austerity measures targeted at America’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens—through cuts in Food Stamps, Social Security Disability and Veterans benefits. This is one and the same as the British policy of radical population reduction.

LaRouche recently forecasted that, in a very short period of time, the Republican leadership in the Congress will come to be hated as much as Obama.

House Republicans, responding to the continuing terror on Wall Street of a near-term blowout, tried on Wednesday to ram through yet another Wall Street bailout law—and they were defeated by a disciplined Democratic vote. Rather than exploit their majority in the House, Republicans used a rules procedure to bypass the House Financial Services Committee and call an instant vote on HR 37, a collection of financial deregulation measures, including a further two-year extension on the July 2017 deadline for banks to sell off their collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and the elimination of all collateral requirements on derivatives contracts. All but 35 Democrats voted “no,” and the measure was defeated by six votes (the rule requires a 2/3 majority). Democrats, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Reps. Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, were still furious at the Obama-Jamie Dimon swindle in December, lifting the ban on FDIC bailouts of commodity futures derivatives, and even Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi mobilized Democratic opposition.

While this was a limited, but useful, rear-guard victory, it betrays the continuing Wall Street hysteria, and opens the door for Lyndon LaRouche’s genuine solution: Bankrupt Wall Street by implementing his Four Cardinal Laws, starting with the reinstatement of the original Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

In a similar act of desperation, Ukraine Prime Minister (Victoria Nuland’s “our man Yats”) Yatsenyuk was in Berlin on Thursday, meeting with German Chancellor Merkel and pressing for further confrontation with Russia, and particularly with President Putin. While French President Hollande has been pushing back against the continuing targeting of Russia and pressing for the Normandy Group of heads of state of Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany to meet soon in Khazakstan to resolve the Ukraine crisis, Yatsenyuk delivered an in-your-face assault on Putin, accusing Russia of being behind the hacking into German government computers, and accusing Putin personally of deploying hordes of “bandits” into eastern Ukraine. Merkel made no effort to push back against Yatsenyuk’s outrageous provocations.

Back before the New Year, LaRouche was already warning that the very first days and weeks of 2015 would be a showdown moment on a global scale. Events of the last 48 hours illustrate just how accurate his warnings have been.

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